CNN’s innovation will keep them afloat

So, I don’t know why I haven’t said anything about the CNN/YouTube primary debates yet, but tonight, I’ll say something.

I think this campaign season has not only seen some radical change in using the Internet as a tool for candidates to hear the concerns of their constituents, but to also pull in voters from the younger generation.

To me, this is amazing. I’ve always wished my age group would have higher voting efficacy–self-esteem for your voting power, if you will. And I think incorporating innovative ideas like these types of debates is the breath of fresh air young adults have been waiting for. Maybe it’ll motivate the voting bloc.

CNN is known for being adventurous in its news endeavors–their Web site allows for user-submitted news videos and they’re even experimenting with Second Life. I think a lot of news organizations don’t branch out as much as they want or as much as they could because they’re afraid of failing.

But isn’t journalism about taking risks? People are eager to try new styles of writing or broadcast, well then why don’t they try something completely new altogether?

Journalists are storytellers. We should not limit that ability to one medium out of fear. It was former U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

FDR said this in his First Inaugural Address. As the president following former U.S. President Herbert Hoover, FDR faced the challenge of essentially fixing the Great Depression. This was right before his 100 Days Congress where, under the leadership of FDR, the U.S. Congress essentially cranked out a bunch of programs to get the U.S. back on its feet.

The situation was desperate. There was no room to NOT give it their every effort.

News organizations are facing a desperate situation, and for this reason, they need to heed the words of FDR.

News organizations need to be afraid of fear. They need to recognize that a fear to experiment or branch out is what could possibly lead to their demise.

You know what happens if you try something out and it turns out to be dumb? Life goes on, and it becomes yesterday’s news… and no one will remember.

Here’s a shoutout to CNN for not laying down to die and ensuring it will survive.

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