Blogging tips for beginners

I was reading an old high school friend’s blog today and shaking my head thinking about all the cardinal sins of blogging she was committing: her posts were about a dozen of paragraphs long and boring to the point of seeming completely pointless.

Then I remembered some of my earliest posts. I made those mistakes at one point, too. And that’s when I realized how truly far I’ve come as a blogger.

It was only a year and half ago I began this blog. It seems so much longer, which I can only attribute to having learned so much during that time.

What I’ve learned has obviously worked for me since I now have a decent following and am getting paid to manage another blog. If I were closer to this acquaintance, I would share some tips. Because I’m not, I’ll just post them here for any beginners facing the same problems:

  1. Keep it short. Don’t draw things out or people get bored and leave.
  2. Don’t be so formal! Having people visit your blog is like having friends over for dinner. You want to have fun and intellectual conversation, but if you sound like Frasier, people might be less inclined to come back.
  3. Leave your posts open ended. If you cover every angle of a story, you leave no room for discussion.
  4. Learn how to read your analytics. Analytics are super cool, and it’s easy/fun to get hooked. What posts are getting the most hits? What search terms are they using to find your site? Where are they from? All these answers will give you a better understanding of what kind of topics you should cover and who your audience is.
  5. Have a good “About” page that tells people who you are and why you have a blog.
  6. Don’t be too incendiary (unless you’re into that kind of thing). It seems to lead to arguments instead of constructive discussion.
And that’s pretty much it for beginners. If you follow those tips, I’m pretty sure I set you ahead by a few months. 😉

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  1. Just stumbled upon this (thanks to Jay Rosen recommending you on Twitter) and it happens to be at a good time—my company just launched a new blog platform and we’re about to have a bunch of newbie bloggers. I’ll definitely link to this. Great post.

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