How do you like your eggs?

I’ve literally only ever liked eggs one way: over medium.

I have no explanation for it other than the fact that the texture of every other kind of egg just doesn’t really appeal to me. Like, I’ll eat it if it’s served. I’m not rude. But when I have my pick, I get the same thing every time.

But I admit they can get pretty boring after a while. Eating the same eggs for breakfast every day? C’mon, there has to be a way to jack them up.

Luckily, the Food52 newsletter came to my rescue last summer with this hot tip on smoking a generous baby pile of spices in your oil before cooking.

They used theirs for fried eggs, but I find the method works just as well with a smaller amount of oil, too. The only difference is that you don’t get a good sauce out of it. But your eggs will hold onto more of the flavor anyway (and it might be TMI, but the boyfriend said the extra grease caused some ahem issues for him in the bathroom).

Here’s the full how-to: A Genius Way to Upgrade Your Fried Eggs

To make it less-fried, but still use the same method, I half the olive oil, but keep the entire serving of smoked paprika. And in the spirit of the Barefoot Contessaif you can’t find smoked paprika in the store, regular paprika is fine.

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