How to Make It: Thai Iced Coffee Protein Shake

Most mornings you can find me up at 5 a.m., putting espresso to cook on the stove. Being half Puerto Rican and Portuguese means coffee is in my soul. I often joke my blood type is Cafe Bustelo.

I’ve experimented with everything—dark, light, stovetop, drip, Keurig, cold brew, pour over, you name it. In undergrad, my sister, Jill, worked at a cafe and made me a latte in exchange for waking up to drive her home. She brought home some beans from Blue Bottle Coffee the other day and I couldn’t wait to try them. They’re probably the freshest beans I’ve ever ground, FYI. Get your butt to them ASAP if you can.

Anyway, sometimes I need something more substantial before a workout so I turn my coffee into a protein shake.

My go-to flavor in the summer is Thai Iced Coffee. You can use cold brew or espresso. The only difference is that you should skip the water for cold brew.

Thai Iced Coffee Shake
4 oz. espresso or 6 oz. cold brew
2 oz. coconut milk (from carton)
1 serving vanilla protein (I use Shakeology)
Almond extract, vanilla extract, cinnamon to taste

Blend it all together and enjoy! You can add ice if you would like, but I find it dilutes the flavor a bit.

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