Hi, I’m Jessie. Nice to Meet You!

Even though I have an “About Me” page, I thought it might be useful to do an introduction and why I’ve decided to write a blog where I just dole out advice for which no one asked me.

I suppose it’s because I’m an older sister to a fault. I have three younger siblings and I am constantly adopting younger friends to give them loads of love, support, and guidance.

A long time ago, I read a quote that said, “Be the person you needed at that age,” and it’s guided me my entire life. I never had an older sibling or cousin and rarely ever had an older friend with hindsight or more maturity to give me advice. So I give what I can to the people who need it.

My main loves when it comes to advice are health, career, and relationships. Why? Because those were the three biggest struggles of my life and I’ve slowly but surely found what works and what doesn’t. Although I firmly believe in the value of making your own mistakes, I also hope that I can help people make choices that truly benefit them in the long-term.

I’m a life coach not because I’ve received training anywhere, but because I’ve learned to improve in each of these areas from absolute hot-mess-dumpster-fire level to hey-she-looks-like-she-knows-what’s-up status.

In the next few posts, I’ll give you insight into my background and experiences in these categories and some broad observations of what I’ve learned, plus some free resources! Just because you can’t afford one-on-one life coaching doesn’t mean you should be without guidance.

Join me for the advice you’ve always wanted from a big sister.

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