On summer and exploring my options

September 1, 2009

I’ve been sparse this summer because of a tough no blogging policy at my press internship with Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D-Fla.) office. But now that it’s over and I’m back in school for my final semester, I’m ready to chat about the lessons I learned. Having a non-journalism internship was a new experience for me. […]

Not a bad day

June 30, 2008

So last week was like, week of features. Those who know me know how much I can’t stand writing features. It’s not that I don’t have an appreciation for the art, it’s just that if it’s not a hard feature, it’s hard for me to get into it. I don’t like to read about soft […]

Let’s talk about paid speeches, baby

June 26, 2008

A relatively recent post of mine sparked some debate in the comments below between Deux Ex Malcontent blogger Chez Pazienza and me. After the debate, a reader asked us for our opinions on the case of Washington Post writers David Broder and Bob Woodward. First, here is a short summary of the backstory via WaPo […]

Words of wisdom

June 21, 2008

So The St. Petersburg Times education blog, The Gradebook, reported on some statements former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made at the Orlando education summit. This is what Jeb said in response to a question about vouchers: “Let me start over, Ron. If you were a Martian, and parachuted down, and you were an expert on […]

Politics: How much is too much?

June 19, 2008

I love politics. I like to talk politics, write politics, read politics… I like to think I do this in moderation. I can’t engross myself in Washington shenanigans all the time… that just wouldn’t be normal or healthy. Plus, I have other passions I like to devote myself to like blogging, reading fiction, drinking, drawing […]