Feelin’ Fancy: Smoked Salmon BLT Recipe

When you start clean eating, it doesn’t take long for you to start feeling a little deprived. Thankfully, I’ve always loved food, hoarded cookbooks, and been an adventurous cook. Over the years, I’ve learned the ropes and figured out tips and tricks from a few sources like Marlene Koch’s series of cookbooks Eat What You Love, Dr. … [Read more…]

How do you like your eggs?

I’ve literally only ever liked eggs one way: over medium. I have no explanation for it other than the fact that the texture of every other kind of egg just doesn’t really appeal to me. Like, I’ll eat it if it’s served. I’m not rude. But when I have my pick, I get the same thing … [Read more…]

Words of wisdom

So The St. Petersburg Times education blog, The Gradebook, reported on some statements former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made at the Orlando education summit. This is what Jeb said in response to a question about vouchers: “Let me start over, Ron. If you were a Martian, and parachuted down, and you were an expert on … [Read more…]