How to Eat Donuts and Still Lose Weight

Happy National Donut Day!!! I LOVE doughnuts! Even when I travel, I make a point to find THE donut spot in that city and get a few to try.

My usual favorite is chocolate glazed, but I was late to the game and got the last five doughnuts from the Astro Doughnuts food truck in Farragut Square. Vanilla bean was delish, and my coworkers loved the rest.

You might be thinking, “Wait I thought she was on a wellness journey. What’s this chick doing eating doughnuts??”

It’s called “balance,” friend. I don’t believe in diets. the second you tell yourself you’re not allowed to have something is the second you start obsessing about it.

I don’t know about you, but any eating plan that won’t let me have a doughnut now and then isn’t a plan I can stick to.

That’s why I’m loving the nutrition course I’m using. It’s all about changing the way a person thinks about food and approach treats. In the past, I would have either denied myself and suffered through the notion that it was my favorite made-up holiday and I couldn’t participate OR I would have caved, eaten a donut and probably spent the rest of the day beating myself up about it.


This was a treat. I don’t eat donuts every day, only on special occasions. I was able to think about this as a treat and keep going on my merry way.

Also, I put it in my food tracker. I didn’t hide it from myself or pretend it never happened (shout out to anyone who has eaten fast food in your car because if the bags never make it into the house, it means it never happened, amirite??) And I was able to track the effect it had on my weight the next day.

Truthfully, I gained half a pound, so the next day I dialed in and made sure to get all my veggies and water in and ended up losing it, plus a bit more, the next day.

I also told my team that I ate it! What I love so much about my wellness journey is that I’m not on this road alone. My teammates are there to keep me in check. They were HAPPY I had a donut and even happier that I didn’t let it derail me for dinner or the rest of the week.

My groups never involve shame or guilt. If someone is feeling down or talking about not being on the ball, we just send more love. But just knowing they’re there to celebrate and that they’re going through the same struggles makes it easier for me to WANT to stick to my good habits.

Treats aren’t the enemy. The key for my nutrition has been knowing I’m allowed to eat whatever I want. Just by allowing myself that freedom lessened the pressure on me. I don’t experience the same cravings because it’s not an issue of whether I’m allowed to eat something unhealthy, but whether I want to heat something unhealthy.

Have you gotten your doughnut today?? Where did you go?

Jessie Da Silva

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