How to Make It: Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I’m a huge fan of smoothie bowls, but get sick of eating the same thing all the time. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to keep a few ingredients on hand to customize throughout the week. But we can get into the details later. I know you’re only here for one thing:

A picture of a carrot cake smoothie bowl, featuring chopped matchstick carrots, walnuts, and cottage cheese in a vegan vanilla protein and vitamin shake.


  • Vanilla protein/superfoods mix
  • 8 oz. non-dairy milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Cottage cheese (or vanilla yogurt)
  • Carrot matchsticks, chopped
  • Walnuts
  • Salt
  • White chocolate chips (optional)


Mix up your protein/superfoods with the non-dairy milk and cinnamon (to taste). Pour it into a bowl.

Take a handful of matchstick carrots, chop them into smaller pieces, and dump them in the same bowl. Dump a handful of walnut pieces and a couple scoops of cottage cheese.

Note: The cottage cheese is to replace the flavor of cream cheese frosting on the cake, but it’s fine if you’re not a fan of the salty-sweet combo like I am. If that’s the case, use vanilla yogurt and add a pinch of salt to taste.

Mix and taste. Adjust to your liking. Enjoy!

Vegan Version:

For those dairy-free folk (LIKE ME), skip the cottage cheese and use a non-dairy yogurt instead. To replace the flavor of cream cheese frosting, opt for some vegan white chocolate chips instead.

Why I love this Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl So Much

I might be a health and life coach, but I hate raw vegetables. Hate them. HATE THEM. At the same time, I obviously recognize the benefit of eating raw plants that are packed with nutrients and water and keep us fuller for longer. So, my solution is to sneak them in wherever I can.

When I switched up the flavor of my vegan superfoods protein powder blend, I realized for the first time that the vanilla tasted richer than regular vanilla. It took a few sips before I could place it.


That’s when I realized why my coach likes to have hers with sprinkles on top. It got my wheels turning as I sipped and thought of all the possible cake-theme smoothie bowl recipes I could invent: red velvet, funfetti, hummingbird, raspberry white chocolate, and CARROT CAKE.

Oh, baby! Sneaking carrots into a smoothie that tasted like CAKE?? I felt like a mad scientist. But sure enough, it works.

The most salacious part of this is that you can customize it to your taste buds.

If you’re new to the health game, no need to go heavy-handed on the carrots. The fact that you’re eating this instead of an actual carrot cake is a big win. Pat yourself on the back!

Yes, even if you included the white chocolate chips. You gotta live a little, am I right?

Have you tried it yet?? What did you think? Any tweaks I should consider?

Jessie Da Silva

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