How to Tell if a Psychic is Ethical

It’s a magical time in the world with thousands of people getting back in touch with their inner intuition and extrasensory gifts. And because of that, tons of people are offering spiritual guidance than ever.

With that territory, though, comes doubt: How to tell if a psychic is ethical?

During a more vulnerable time in my life, a psychic persuaded me to Venmo her $500. Why? So, she could protect my relationship from outside harm, of course!

I changed my mind 12 hours later (a.k.a., smacked some sense into myself). When I texted her, I learned she had already spent the money. I got $300 back and considered the lost $200 the price of a valuable life lesson.

Since reawakening to my own psychic gifts, I’m in a better position to identify ethical psychics. As such, it’s my duty to share it with you today!

Here is my comprehensive list on how to tell if a psychic is ethical:


IF we see something—and that’s a big ol’ IF—it’s just one of millions of possibilities influenced by your choices and the choices of others.

Some ethical psychics will give you glimpses into possible outcomes. Yet it will always be couched in terms like, “If you continue to…” or “If you’re able to change X…” etc.

Think about it this way.

In time-travel movies, they ALWAYS say, “Don’t do anything differently or you could alter the entire course of human history!”

You have just as much power RIGHT NOW to change your future. That’s why the glimpses we get must be couched in terms of “if, then.”

If a psychic is promising to tell your future, they’re full of shit. Move along.

2. They won’t predict the 3 Ds

The three Ds are death, divorce, and disease. Because of the above, ethical psychics won’t tell you about these.

Even if they see one of the three Ds, they likely won’t tell you because they know all of it is subject to change.

They may couch statements in terms like, “For this relationship to work in the long run, both people will need to focus on X, Y, and Z.” Rarely will you hear an ethical psychic tell you that you’re getting divorced/diseased/dying.

That being said, they WILL tell you if they get the sense it’s just happened or you’re moving on from grief in one of those areas. However, it will never be in terms that scare you (see below for more).

3. They freely give away information

Psychics are often known for their generosity. They give away resources, books, spells, affirmations, advice, tonics, etc., when you’ve already paid for a reading.

In my work coaching healers and intuitives, one of their biggest blocks is, “But I’m a healer! How can I charge for work that helps people who need it?!”

Many psychics under-charge and over-deliver. If someone is telling you that for them to provide further healing/guidance they need you to pay extra, consider that a red flag.

This is different from someone saying they would love to work with you further.

It’s like getting a massage.

If your masseuse or masseur says at the end of a session, “I would love to see you back in a month so we can get you feeling better over time,” that’s pretty normal.

But if they were to stop mid-massage and say, “I know you said you wanted me to focus on the tension in your shoulders, but I only focus on each area for five minutes for EVERY client, so if you want more time than that, you’ll need to pay extra” …then that would be a little weird. 

It’s the same thing in a reading. Use your own intuition to see how they make you feel. If it’s a negative emotion, then they might be trying to take advantage of you.

4. They won’t scare you

If a psychic is scaring you with information that sounds like you are somehow broken or your life is going to fall apart, they’re probably about to sell you a “magic” cure to treat it or avoid the outcome.

You should generally walk away from a reading feeling lighter, with direction, and empowerment.

If you feel afraid, nervous, panicked, etc., take everything they just said with a grain of salt and keep moving.

5. They won’t leave you with a cliffhanger

A good psychic delivers all the messages they get in the amount of time you’re with them.

If they give you a vague message and tell you to come back to look into something, generally they’re planning to scare you into an expensive service.

See the massage analogy above!

6. YOu can take notes, share your details with friends, etc.

If you get a good reading, you’ll usually drive more business to the psychic you just had a session with, right? Right.

When a psychic says not to share, it’s usually because they’re reusing the same information in multiple readings. They generally get more money from single sessions and scare tactics than relationship building.

7. Tarot readers will use either a full deck or ONLY the major arcana 

The tarot is comprised of 22 major arcana cards, numbered 0 to 21, and 56 minor arcana cards. The minor arcana breaks into four suits of cups, wands, swords, and pentacles.

Within each suit, the cards correspond to the numbers of the major arcana. Essentially, they focus the message of that card into a different area of your life.

It’s not uncommon for a tarot reader to ONLY use the 22 major arcana because  messages are easier to read that way. 

However, an unethical tarot reader cherry picks a few minor arcana cards for the scare factor. One of those is the three of swords. It looks like a heart with three swords piercing it and it’s anecdotally known as “the breakup card.”

If the deck looks short, ask if they’re just using the major arcana. Most won’t flinch at that question because they’re happy to explain their process. But if your reader looks like you put them on the spot, take note.

PS If you want to learn more about the tarot, check out the “Tarot Foundations” episode of my podcast Millennial Mystics.

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