Ask Jessie: How can I remove the belief that the market is too saturated?

Dear Jessie,

I’m just getting started and have just set up a Facebook business page with a few different readings I offer in the services section.

Can you recommend any next steps for social media, as in do I also need an Instagram? Can I just post the same things on my Instagram and Facebook?

I also keep feeling like “Wow the market is totally over-saturated, why bother.” Any tips on removing this limiting block?


New to the Game

Dear New to the game,

First, I want to congratulate you on getting started! That’s a big deal! Welcome to entrepreneurship!

As for social media, I always advise that you consistently post about your offers EVERYWHERE you have an account. 

Most people won’t go out of their way to visit your business page, so focus on your personal pages first and foremost.

However, keep in mind that these are profiles intended for connection. Have fun and post your personal stuff there, too. 

The same goes for Instagram, which I recommend you do. But rest assured: You can post the exact same content there as you do on Facebook.

Just avoid auto-posting from Instagram to your Facebook account because it will hurt your rating in the algorithm (as of the date of this post, anyway).

Think of your business page as the highlight reel. Anything that is doing well on your Instagram and/or personal Facebook page should go there.

As far as over-saturation goes,

There’s no such thing.

All the people in the market are proof of the DEMAND for those services. I would be more nervous if no one were in the field!

Also, keep in mind that there’s no substitute for compatibility.

People will want to work with you because of who you are as an individual, not because of what you do or your prices.

THAT is the real reason between blending your personal life and business on your accounts. It allows people to fall in love with your individuality.

There’s only one you, New to the Game. And, therefore, there can’t ever be an over-saturated market.


If you’re a beginner looking to familiarize yourself with Instagram, you can check out Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab or Dean Street Society’s Instagram with Intention.

I don’t get any kickbacks from recommending them. I just think they’re fantastic at what they do!

And if you’re looking for advice to turn your business into a well-oiled machine, please check out my two-month program debuting next week: Embodied Abundance – Mindset & Manifestation Mastery.

Not sure if it’s a good fit or interested in 1:1? Book a discovery call with me!

Jessie Da Silva

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