How I turned my business around & made $30k in three days

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard about how I had one of the worst sales months EVER in August.

Yup, methe coach who made $30k of sales in two weeks after eight months of mindset work. The coach who turned her life around and used all the lessons to change her clients’ lives. The coach who was consistently hitting five-figure months.

All of a sudden, the faucet had turned off.

I was afraid and embarrassed. I thought it was the end of my business as I knew it.

Not only had I barely scraped together four figures, but I had no leads for 1:1 coaching, much less the group program I thought was a slam-dunk for my audience.

I knew I needed to change things up AGAIN if I wanted to keep moving forward. So, here’s how I turned my business around and made $30k of sales in three days:

I. Changing my Client attraction strategy

The strategy I was using to connect with potential clients just wasn’t working. I posted my offers on social media, in my group, and wherever else I could. But no one was booking my discovery calls.

I looked to my most successful moments in the past for inspiration.

I realized I made the most when I made service my priority and spent time getting to know people and their businesses.

So, I started sending the best sales message I have:

“Hi [first name]! How are you?”

I spent time getting to know the members in my group. If I liked their energy and felt like I could help them, I invited them to a free discovery call.

Then, I went back to take my own advice. I looked at the suggestions in my Aligned Sales Guide for booking more discovery calls. I reminded myself of the best advice I had for clients: Treat your 1:1 offers like a launch.

And that’s exactly what I did.

For a week, I posted about my 1:1 coaching package as if I were launching it for the first time. And, suddenly, I had TONS of interest!

After getting back into a service and relationship mindset and shifting my wording, I landed more discovery calls than I had had in MONTHS. 

II. Accepting reality and adjusting my program

I knew Embodied Abundance, the six-month program I spent three months creating, was a work of sheer genius. I knew that those who enrolled wouldn’t even be the same people on the other side of the container, much less the same business owners.

This program was designed to not only make more money for the clients than ever, but to make it the easiest money they ever made.

So, why, then, was I hearing crickets?

I talked so much about the program I was launching and even hired a copy writer who specialized in launches to craft my sales copy. But I had to accept what I had denied all of August:

My audience didn’t want it.

I got back to the drawing board. I didn’t want to scrap the program and I didn’t think I had to. Instead, I got creative.

I had already designed the program so it would be broken into three phases. Why not pivot and sell the first two months as a program instead? 

That’s exactly what I did. I re-launched my program as a two-month container called “Embodied Abundance: Mindset & Manifestation Mastery.” I’m trusting that people will find the first month SO GOOD, they will want to stay on for the rest of the four months.

And because I already had speakers and activities planned for the following four months, it would give me more time to continue filling the group every couple of months, still fulfilling the purpose of creating sustainable income for me.

I. Surrendering by connecting with joy & pleasure

I am a self-professed control freak. It’s my biggest bugaboo and the one mindset hurdle I am always trying to overcome.

In the past, I saw surrender as something that mean staying still, not working, and just waiting for the thing I wanted to show up.

But after two readings from friends, a coaching session, a powerful Instagram post, and a lecture in a group program I attended, I realized something. Surrender is actually about letting go and finding joy and pleasure.

What a revelation!

And once it sank in, I realized that my business had turned into another source of stress. It ate up all my time and attention. Because of that, it pulled me away from the things in my personal life that gave me joy and pleasure, too.

So, I let go.

I turned my email list into a fun project I had always dreamed about (my own advice column). I also found ways to connect with pleasure throughout my dayenjoying every bite of my food, taking baths, sexy dancing to music, masturbating, etc.

The easiest sales i ever made

By connecting with joy and pleasure, I was able to reduce the overwhelm and stress that was keeping me stuck.

That meant I brought a new undercurrent of relaxation to my strategy and the sales calls I had booked.

Even though I hadn’t made my usual money, I went into everything I did feeling relaxed and knowing that it was on its way.

It wasn’t my job to figure out how the money would come to me. It was only my job to follow my intuition and show up in the ways that felt authentic and aligned.

Sure enough, the calls I had within the first three days of September went off without a hitch. I easily connected with people who were ready and HAPPY to pay.

And that’s how I made the easiest $30k of sales in three days, blowing my previous record out of the water.

So, if you’re reading this, don’t lose hope! You never know what a few quick tweaks could do to launch you straight back into abundance.

Jessie Da Silva

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After months of largely crickets in my online business, I was able to do enough inner work that I could follow my true calling without fear. Once I snapped into the right mindset and habits, the money began to flow effortlessly. And now I'm ready to teach you to do that, too.

Jessie Da Silva

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