How to Build an Irresistible Offer

Dear Jessie,

How do you build an offer when you’ve narrowed down your domain(s) of expertise?

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Dear Maëlle,

I am SO GLAD you asked me this question because building irresistible offers is my super power!

This is actually a sticking point for a lot of entrepreneurs because most of us will go into this thinking “I want to build an online course” or “I want to teach XYZ” rather than asking ourselves what our ideal clients actually want.

The way I build offers is with your ideal client in mind. We want to make sure that we are including information and building for THEM, not for us.

I’ll describe the breakdown below, but if you would prefer to watch a video, I cover it in the recording of my hour-long masterclass Online & Aligned: One Hour to Your First Online Offer (embedded for your convenience).

The formula on How to build an irresistible offer

My process on how to build an irresistible offer follows these steps:

  1. Describe how your ideal client is feeling emotionally before they meet you.
  2. Describe how they will feel after working with you.
  3. List the topics/subjects they would need to learn to make that transition.
  4. Go through each topic and ask yourself what is the best way for your client to learn this.
  5. Price out each option based on the full-price, a la carte value.
  6. Price out each option with a discount for buying the services as part of a package.
  7. Check with your intuition to make sure the package and pricing feels like an equal exchange to you.

If you follow this framework, it will help you build a juicy offer that directly speaks to the needs of your client. It will also give you the language to market your program at a price that feels like a deal for you client AND like an abundant pay day for you.

Your ideal client

When figuring out how to build an irresistible offer, it’s important to analyze where your ideal client is and where they’re going. You need to get into their minds.

Oftentimes, we describe our ideal clients via demographics like “this gender identity in this age range who like these hobbies, read these websites, and watch these shows.”

Well, that will get you clients, sure. But will it get you your dream clients? I’m not so sure.

Your ideal client is more than just the breakdown of their identifiers. People invest with their hearts and justify purchases with their mind. If you don’t speak to the heart, not only will you struggle with landing clients, you’ll struggle to get them the transformation they desire.

So, sit down and think of how they feel. List whatever comes to mind. If you struggle with emotions, consider using the feelings wheel to help you identify their emotions.

Go through the same process when asking how they’ll feel at the end of working with you.

Once you have these two lists, you now have the language to speak to the pain and pleasure points of your ideal clients. Work these words and phrases into your marketing and marvel at how much it resonates with the people who see it!

What & How to Learn

Emotional language also brings us back to the problems our clients experience and the ways they describe their experiences.

As we progress in our expertise, it becomes too easy for us to start speaking and teaching from an evolved place. Rather, we must speak the language of someone who doesn’t know what we know yet.

This activity allows you to remember the turning points and crucial lessons you learned on your way to becoming the expert you are today. So, in figuring out how to build an irresistible offer, you need to turn back the clock.

By asking yourself the best way for your client to learn, you create a package designed with their needs in mind.

If information is the same for every clientfor example, the best strategy for nailing a job interviewmaybe you can film a video or write a short e-book or guide. If the information is nuanced and different for every client, make sure that 1:1 calls are included.

A note on 1:1 calls: Ask yourself how often your client wants and needs to meet to achieve their transformation. If your ideal client is feeling overwhelmed or stressed, biweekly might feel more do-able for them. Balance this against your capacity for meeting clientsyou can often take on more clients if you’re not meeting every week with them.

Pricing out your offer

When figuring out how to build an irresistible offer, value and price are both crucial. They allow you to create incentive for your client to invest while respecting your time and expertise.

Everyone always seems to get stuck on pricing out offers, but it’s really so much easier than you think.

Start with an hourly rate. A solid starting point for a beginner is usually in the range of $100-$150, but this needs to FEEL good for you. And keep in mind that just because you might be a beginner at business doesn’t mean you’re a beginner as far as expertise goes.

When pricing out your offer, just come up with figures that feel good to you. This is a process, so there’s no pressure to get it right on the first try.

Consider how much time it takes for you to create or coach. Weigh anything that requires more of your time and attention heavier than offerings that require less.

For example, a five-minute video is something you can film relatively quickly on your phone and use repeatedly with clients. If you were to sell the video independent of a package, what would you charge? Likely quite a bit less than a 1:1 call.

For each aspect of your offer, come up with an a la carte (ALC) price and then a discounted price. Add up the ALC prices. Then add up the discounted prices.

The discounted price is your actual pay-in-full price. 

Intuition check

Now, compare it to the ALC price. Does it feel like a fair discount to the client? Does it feel like a good figure for you to be paid?

There’s nothing wrong with rounding up or down. I generally like to end in 99 or 97 or have my offerings as repeating numbers (e.g., 555 or 222).

Now, some people are going to need payment plans. How do you price this out?

If your package requires A LOT of your time and energy, add anywhere between 15-25% interest to the pay in full price. If it’s less involved like an online course, add 10-15%.

Run it through the intuition check again: How does that price feel? Is it still enough of a discount for the client? Does it feel fair to your time and energy?

Now, divide it by the number of months/weeks of your program. Check again: Should you round up or down? Whatever the answer, now you have your payment plan.

Need clarity?

If learning how to build an irresistible offer feels overwhelming by yourself, I can help you do this in 45 minutes and come up with a social media marketing strategy to go right along with it. Book the Irresistible Offer Intensive today.

Love this framework and looking for a coach who can take you from offer to a fully functioning, fun, and easy business? Book a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.

Did this help? Let me know in the comments!

Jessie Da Silva

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