How to succeed with Mercury Retrograde

Ah, Mercury retrograde. Everyone’s dreaded time(s) of year. Even notorious skeptics seem to feel its power and exert extra caution during the weeks Mercury retraces its steps.

Despite the misunderstandings, tech problems, travel delays, and more, I’m actually quite fond of this period. I realized it’s because I understand how to use the energy of Mercury retrograde so it doesn’t totally sideline me as a human/entrepreneur.

So, that was the inspiration behind this post! Here are my top tips on how to succeed with Mercury retrograde:

Understand the energy

Generally, people advise against embarking on any new endeavors or making any commitments during mercury retrograde. However, if we totally followed that advice and put our lives on pause, nothing would get done! Understanding what to expect can make the experience that much easier.

When considering how to succeed with Mercury retrograde, the most important to understand what Mercury is all about and what a retrograde actually is.

Mercury is the planet associated with communication, commerce, and travel. A retrograde just refers to how a planet is traveling in its orbit as compared to the earth, specifically when it appears to move back over the path it already traveled.

So, knowing this means that we should expect delays and mistakes in our communication, commerce, and travel.

Part of knowing how to succeed during Mercury retrograde is understanding that it’s a time for slowing down, double- and triple-checking anything you do, and just planning for the chaos.

If you know you’re taking a road trip, just make the plan to take your car to the shop a week before and leave a few hours early with the expectation that you’ll hit traffic jams on the way (and maybe queue up some extra podcasts to listen to pass the time).

Rest, revisit, relaunch

Just like how Mercury is tracing its steps, it’s a perfect time for us to do the same.

If you’re not feeling like doing much of anything, THAT IS OK. Take a break! Now is the perfect time to get some rest.

Another part of knowing how to succeed with Mercury retrograde is not being afraid to go back to projects that flopped.

Mercury retrograde is when I finish up all my abandoned art projects and revisit the ideas that flopped in my business.

For example, I had a launch that nearly failed in August. I pulled it out of a nose-dive and managed to get five people into the program. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skittish about launches after that!

So, what am I doing? Launching it again.

Yep, you read that right. I’m revisiting an old program that didn’t do well before and giving it another shot. It’s been rebranded and jazzed up, of course, but this is the perfect energy for trying again!

If you abandoned anything in the past, now is the time to dust it off and give it another spin.

Let the past inspire you

Mercury retrograde is notorious for a time when exes try to communicate with us again. Who’s to say we can’t use that ex energy in another way?

This is the ideal time for checking on anyone from the past. If you’re an entrepreneur, collect testimonials, check on past clients, and revisit your leads for anyone who previously booked a discovery call with you, but declined.

The time is also ripe for referrals.

Go ahead and ask past clients if they know of anyone who might be interested in your services. You could even consider offering them a percentage if the person they refer signs on with you as a client.

You can still use this energy if you’re not a business owner. Follow up on your best professional contacts. Send them emails to check in and see how they’re doing. Now is the time to freshen up your network!

Shadow work

This particular Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio, which means it’s all about shadow work.

All of the triggers you’ll experience over the next few weeks will likely speak to your shadow in some way. By that I mean everything is going to trigger a pre-existing insecurity or fear.

If you want to understand how to succeed with Mercury retrograde, you need to see these triggers as sign posts to healing.

Examine your reactions to all miscommunication or unexpected delays. Ask yourself what you’re making this mean or what other memories it brings up for you. Everything is connected, so if you use this time for guidance on healing, you’ll come out the other side that much stronger.

I would also pick up a copy of Debbie Ford’s The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. I highly recommend grabbing the audio book version because it comes with free guided meditations. And if you have a library card, you can download it via the Overdrive app.

Want a jump start on pinpointing your fear? Book my Greatest Fear Reading. Through my intuitive gifts, I’ll guide you to the core fear that’s holding you back from reaching your dreams.

Jessie Da Silva

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