How to Identify & Heal Your Witch Wound

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Halloween and all things spooky. And now that I consider myself a full-blown witch, I’m even more in love.

So, naturally, I knew I needed to speak about a seasonally appropriate block that often shows up in the businesses of any and all spiritual business owners.

Witch wounds. 

Regardless of whether you have a spiritual business or you’re a business owner with a spiritual soul, this is a block that likely comes up for you.

Why? Well, to explain it means we need to have a mini history lesson first.

The tragedy of the witch trials

Nowadays, when we read, watch, or think about the witch trials, it’s always with a grim fascination and an air of mystery.

Maybe society was rife with witches at one point. And maybe they were hexing/cursing the people in their community. 

Even just looking at depictions of witches from those time periods show a caricature of evil that blends the silly and macabre. But all this does is place a barrier between the perceived safety of modern life and a harsh truth about what the witch trials actually were.

The witch trials were a mass murder of women.

They were a vast femicide that spanned Europe and the Americas that saw thousands of women senselessly persecuted, tortured, and killed in some of the most horrific ways to die.

Some estimates place the death toll around 60,000. Others suggest it was far more.

To put that in perspective, that’s more than the death toll of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.

The Witch Wound

No one was safe from the witch trials. Women could be accused of being a witch for almost anything.

Spurned the advances of your feudal lord? Witch.

Dared to earn a living as an herbal healer or midwife? Witch.

Got a pet that seems to be especially dedicated to you? Witch.

Too outspoken? Witch.

Practicing Catholic? Witch.

Hair too red? Witch.

What’s worse is that women were often tortured into turning on each other, even members of their own families.

And that’s how we wound up with these collective wounds. For centuries, women were persecuted for daring to live outside the box that society had built for them.

Your witch wound is the imprint left on your soul from that incarnation. It’s soul-based trauma that keeps you inside the box now.

How to identify your witch wound

Generally speaking, you likely already have an idea of what kind of wound you might have. Understanding the terror of the time usually awakens something familiar in spiritual souls.

While it’s possible to meditate and let your soul speak to your wound, I decided to make it easier for you.

This quiz will help you identify which of the most common witch wounds you have and provide you with details on how you can work through it: What’s Your Witch Wound?

Types of wounds

From my work with spiritual business owners, I’ve identified four types of common wounds and how they show up in business:

  1. A life lived in fear and hiding to avoid accusation – This can show up in your life now as people pleasing, poor boundaries, perfectionism, a fear of showing your face on social media, going live, etc.
  2. Economic oppression (having to give up your money source for safety) – Now, you likely have a fixation with money and security. You often feel like you need to sacrifice either money or happiness. You can’t imagine having enough money to feel safe and you may often push it away, finding that it leaves your account as soon as it hits.
  3. Killed for your individuality – A.K.A. the self-sabotage wound. Essentially, success proves risky to your subconscious. On some level, you’re afraid that you’ll be harmed if you succeed, so you make sure that you never get past a certain comfort level around success.
  4. Betrayal, loss, and fear due to what you saw happen to the people you loved – Magic doesn’t feel safe for you and show up in your life now as disconnection from your intuition and a lack of self-trust. Essentially, you rely more on strategy and logic because it feels more within your control. What you actually need is to get connected with your inner wisdom and magic.

Healing & moving forward

To fully move past the wounds we carry, we need to take aligned action both as far as embracing our shadow goes and moving past our comfort zones in business.

Think of your witch wounds as on older version of iOS for the iPhone. There’s an update available, just make sure you’re connected to wifi and you can change how you function.

First, you want to be grateful for these wounds. In this life, they’ve kept you safe and alive so far. List out everything you got from these safety measures. How have they benefited you? 

Next, focus on what you would like to call in in place of this wound. You can journal it all out and do what you will with the paper afterward. You can post it, you can burn it, you can bury it or simply throw it in the recycling. What matters is intention.

This is a perfect activity for Samhain on October 31, known as the Witches’ New Year. And if you’re looking to supercharge your healing, you can spend it with me!

I’m hosting a Witch Wound Workshop at 12 p.m. EST and I would love to have you! Sign up here before spots fill up:

Until next time, Happy Halloween!


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