How to Use the January 2021 Full Moon in Leo

If you’re ready to quantum leap in your healing and business this month, then read onit’s time to learn how to use the January 2021 full moon in Leo!

The stereotype behind Leo is the ever-preening, full-of-themselves diva, but Leo is much deeper than that.

Leos are all about joy, creativity, and changing the world from center stage. (Think about President Barack Obama if you need an example of a truly embodied Leo.)

That means this full moon is full of juice to set our intentions for the new year!

To really dial in on how we can capitalize on this spotlight moment, I asked my friend, astrologer, and coach Desiree Garcia to explain in detail how to use the January 2021 full moon in Leo.

Here’s what she had to say:

“This week, we have the first FULL MOON of 2021!

“The first moon that is giving us our ‘last chance’ to surrender into our power and divinity before we really step into the New Year.

“You know that New Year’s resolution or word you choose for 2021 that you have yet to embody?


“It’s time to embody it, loves! It’s time to FULLY DECIDE and have courage to surrender to making that change this year.

“Many of us by the end of the year 2020 experienced our ‘final death’ before the beginning of the new age of Aquarius. We had this dark night of soul the last one of the year to really allow us to transform into our power and light.

“We are passing through the awakening. We are re-birthing into the butterfly we were meant to become. We are standing in our confidence and taking our last surrender to our POWER truly allowing ourselves to step in and BE. We are allowing ourselves to surrender to confidence, leadership and power.

It’s time to grow from 2020

“We realized that we lived in a state of negativity by giving into our doubts, fears and egos toward the end of the year, allowing it to consume our power.

“Now we are taking our confidence BACK and blossoming. We are rising from the ashes of who we once were, fully emerging into our light and our POWER full force with this FULL MOON in Leo.

“That is how to use the January 2021 full moon in Leo.

“We are being asked to allow ourselves to release what stalls us from our confidence and power. We are being asked to release the ego and surrender it to the divine. We are being asked to move through our hearts and through love.

“We are being asked to PLAY AGAIN!

“We are being asked to remember what lights us up. We are being asked to allow ourselves to embark on a journey of laughter, play, fun, and romance. We must release what no longer serves us and that which keeps us from the essence of love and play.

“Here’s the essence and the outcome: You will fall deeper in love with yourself if you choose to surrender you ego, pride, and doubt. You will be in the POWER of flow, love, and nurturing–allowing yourself to be your own Divine Mother, finding your power again by loving YOU first!

And don’t forget about Mercury Retrograde

“The mercury retrograde over the weekend will make you go within yourself. You will talk to yourself about how you can step further into your own innovation and be uniquely you. All by loving you and acknowledging the POWER OF BEING YOU.

“This weekend is also a time to reflect on how you communicate and collaborate with others around you and how you choose to lead. What is the BIGGER meaning behind your purpose?

“Pro Tip: If you have mercury retrograde in your natal chart this is great time for you to voice your options and lead through communication.

“In conclusion, this week is about releasing your doubts and allowing your self to SOAR and ROAR!

“With Lots of Love,

The Dreamer Des

If you want to learn more about the energy of this week, don’t forget to jump into 5-Figure Launch Queens for the interview I’m doing with Des tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST!

How to harness the power of this full moon 

You know I love to cast some spells on the full moon, so I’m hosting a four-day workshop all about visibility and having fun within business again!

Full Moon, Fully Seen will kick off with analyzing how we can individually harness the creative, juicy energy of the full moon using our birth charts for inspiration on how to heal and integrate the lessons we learned in 2020.

Day 2, on the full moon itself, we gather for a spell circle to set our intentions dedicated to awakening our creativity, attracting the spotlight, and jump starting our money flow for 2021.

Award-winning public relations coach Veronica V. Sopher leads Friday’s class. Veronica will teach everyone how to get themselves featured in traditional media. If you want a taste of her genius, go check out the interview we had in my group 5 Figure Launch Queens!

Finally, our last day will be dedicated to the business strategies that helped me tap into my authenticity to grow my audience into converting clients.

Don’t forget the bonus!

Best of all? Each person who attends also gets a bonus 30-minute reading with me so I can tap into your energy and give you a personalized plan on how to use the January 2021 full moon in Leo.

In it, I will tell you exactly what actions you can take in both business and your personal life over the course of the following month so you can supercharge your magic manifestation process.

And as a bonus, those who attend the workshop will be the first ones to hear about a truly magical offer I’ll be debuting in February that I just CAN’T WAIT to talk about.

Not sure if it’s a good fit or interested in 1:1? Book a discovery call with me!

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