Spoiler Alert:
Your dreams are closer than you think.

Is it time to quit your job?
Find out how close you are to a sweet sayonara

The biggest lie we’ve been told is that hating your job is normal. The second biggest lie? That you should do something practical with your career.

I’ve changed careers four times in six years using my intuitive gifts to guide me and now I help others navigate those changes as well. I help people connect their natural strengths with their authentic passions to craft a purpose-driven career or business.

After a decade in journalism and the law, I’ve become an expert in the job hunt, started an online-based company, and built up the confidence to defy the expectations of others to follow my true calling.

Craving more from your life & career?
I can help.

I successfully pivoted in my career 4 times before starting a business.

I’ve been coaching people since I learned to talk, but it took me years to realize this innate passion was actually my vocation calling out to me. I avoided it for years, believing no one would pay me for those soft skills. Now? I realize I had to live through the journey of a confusing, unhappy career to connect with clients living that same struggle.

My plans to become a political journalist were thwarted when I graduated in the midst of the financial crisis. I took my love for research and writing to law school, which I loved. But school and practice are two different stories.

After graduating law school, I had a small stint in estate planning, switched to criminal appeals, wrote for Bloomberg Law as a criminal justice reporter, and worked for a nonprofit before I realized what I had known all along.

I was born to be a coach.

Around that same time, I went through a reactivation of psychic gifts I had suppressed as a child. After turning 30, I could feel a crackling energy inside that led to an increase in my empathic skills (the ability to feel the emotions of others as if they’re happening to me) and claircognizance (the gift of psychic thought and knowing things to be true).

I found a way to channel these into the lessons I developed based on my lived experiences to help others use their inner wisdom in making career- and business-based decisions. I boiled down my experiences and wisdom into teachable material and opened up shop. And now I’m sharing it with you.

Think your dreams are too wild or unattainable?

Think again.

I made a plan.

The first step to any dream is figuring out what you need to accomplish it. My legal background meant I knew what I needed to do to set up a business, but I also had to get my mind and finances in order before I made that commitment.

I hired a business coach. I researched other coaches and their offers. I taught myself social media marketing and how to manage money better. I tapped into my inner wisdom to bring me peace. And when I was unexpectedly asked to resign from my job, I made the choice to trust I was ready and take the plunge.

I prepared.

And then I jumped.

I hit the ground running with concrete actions to take. I priced out and created offers. I showed up to serve anyone who would have me. I created free content to act as a funnel into my business. And then I rolled all of THAT into a plan to share with other aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs.


Imagine you could:

Wake up happy to start the day and looking forward to the challenges it brings.

Make the pay you deserve for the work you do.

Feel like you’re making a difference that leaves a lasting impact.

Achieve balance that allows you to thrive in both your career and at home.

Learn to stand in your worth, ask for what you want, and stop taking anyone’s bullshit.

…And finally, learn to curate your life instead of reacting to it.


Nicole Carter

I have been going through a lot in the last year. Divorce, addictions, and not loving myself as much as I know I could.
When Jessie and I starting talking and going through what makes me tick it, was so eye opening. She has taught me more about how to honor myself and my intuition than I have learned in years.
She is always giving me the most insightful information and resources so I can help myself discover new things about my journey. (...)

Rachel Fernandez

Jessie knew exactly what I needed to hear entering post-grad life. Navigating creative job markets can get discouraging, but she gave excellent advice and encouragement that helped me with networking and freelancing (and life in general). When we video chatted, it immediately felt like talking to a good friend. I’m so glad to have Jessie as a resource!

Katherine Castro

(...) I thank you for hosting this event. It has brought the excitement I needed to get back into focusing on my personal goals and redirecting my thoughts and actions towards becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. It was really nice being among other women and yourself talking about enriching our lives and being the successful women we all strive to be.
Thank you very much.

Laura Jones

Jessie has been essential to my job searching process! Her advice regarding my resumes and cover letters has been thorough and sensible. She’s helped me catch details I missed, places where I needed more clarity and has pointed out ways to help me have an eye catching and streamlined application that’s professional and also let’s my personality shine. I absolutely get a huge confidence boost having her help!

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