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With her diverse background as a lawyer, journalist, career coach, psychic, and money mindset and business coach, Jessie is uniquely positioned to speak on the following topics:

  • Millennial & Gen-Z workers & business owners
  • The impact of people-first company policies
  • Money mindset & how it shapes our earning potential 
  • Business advice for C-suite & new entrepreneurs
  • Manifestation, spirituality, and their importance in business
  • Job hunting how tos plus dos & don’ts
  • And plenty more!


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Media bio

Jessie DaSilva is a mindset coach and business consultant who helps entrepreneurs start and scale businesses, helps CEOs create supportive business cultures that attract top talent and increase profits, and helps unhappy employees find their dream jobs at dream companies for dream pay..

Jessie provides a one-stop-shop approach that combines coaching on mindset, spirituality, and strategy to keep her clients from feeling overwhelmed or stuck and struggling to build and maintain motivation.

Dubbed “The Millennial Money Witch” by Forbes Women, Jessie first rose to notoriety when Yahoo! Finance named her one of the top 10 money coaches. She was later featured in Buzzfeed after going viral on TikTok for sharing her views on what millennials want in the workplace (hint: It’s not nap-pods).

When Jessie isn’t supporting her clients in becoming the experts and leaders their industries need, she provides free training in her private Facebook groups, 5-Figure Launch Queens and 6-Figure Career Queens.

During her time off from helping entrepreneurs change the world, Jessie enjoys rock climbing, crosswords, crafting, or forcing her cat, Mens Rea, to snuggle.

Contact media@jessicadasilva.com with interview requests and questions.