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With her diverse background as a lawyer, journalist, career coach, psychic, and money mindset and business coach, Jessie is uniquely positioned to speak on the following topics:

  • Money mindset
  • Business advice
  • Manifestation
  • Job hunting
  • Shadow work
  • And plenty more!


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Media bio

Jessie DaSilva helps online entrepreneurs tap into their inner wisdom to overcome their limiting beliefs and magnetize clients and customers to them with strategy, spirituality, and a few F-bombs along the way.

Jessie provides a one-stop-shop approach that combines coaching on mindset, spirituality, and strategy to keep her clients from feeling overwhelmed or stuck and struggling to build and maintain motivation.

She works with entrepreneurs who are sick of using approaches that don’t feel natural and are ready to do things in a new, empowered, heart-centered way.

When Jessie isn’t supporting her clients in becoming the experts and leaders their industries need, she’s building connecting spiritual entrepreneurs in her private Facebook group, Aligned Abundant Entrepreneurs.

During her time off from helping entrepreneurs change the world, Jessie enjoys podcasting, crafting, or forcing her cat, Mens Rea, to snuggle with her.

Contact media@jessicadasilva.com with interview requests and questions.

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