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“Folks always comment on how directly applicable Jessie’s wisdom is. It’s why I keep booking her to speak.

– Kyley Caldwell

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  • How to decide what you authentically want
  • Why the human brain keeps you stuck
  • How to live your dream life now
  • What it means to take follow your intuition

Keynote 1

The Witch’s Way to Wealth: 3 Steps to Achieve Any Goal

After almost 10 years into her legal career, Jessie left it all behind. She turned getting fired into an opportunity to build the life of her dreams as an entrepreneur, author, and speaker.

In this signature keynote named after her book, she shares how studying magic led her to the 3 steps that anyone can use to turn their dreams into reality: (1) Align your intentions, (2) embody them deeply, and (3) take inspired action daily.  

Keynote 2

Network to Net Worth: The Most Crucial Career Skill

Professional identity is what helps people create fulfilling careers by connecting their work to their values.

By determining what values you hold in your career, you’re better able to determine what jobs and companies will bring satisfaction.

Also available as an in-depth, multi-day workshop.


  • What areas of life define your professional identity
  • How to find the perfect job for you
  • When it’s time to change career paths
  • Easy ways to expand your network


  • Secret strengths Millennials & Gen Z bring to companies
  • The 4 main historic events that shaped their view on work
  • The best ways to retain top talent, no matter your budget
  • How to integrate young workers into a culture not built for them

Keynote 3

What Millennials & Gen Z Want: Recruit & Retain the Generations

Millennials & Gen Z have gotten a bad rap for job hopping, but here’s the secret: They hate it! In this signature talk, Jessie explains how companies can better retain young workers, and in doing so, keep all their best employees.

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars in recruitment and training, you’ll create an organization everyone wants to work for. 

“When Jessie speaks, the whole audience lights up and listens. She’s hilarious, brilliant, and an incredible addition to any lineup.” 

– Penny Phoenix

Speaker Bio

Jessie DaSilva is a money mindset coach, business consultant, and author who helps helps CEOs increase profits and attract top talent, entrepreneurs start and scale businesses, and helps passionate employees find their dream jobs at dream companies for dream pay.

As a speaker, she marries the fields of motivational speaking and stand-up comedy to leave audiences ready to take on the world and catch their dreams.

Jessie combines actionable strategies with the science of mindset and magic to help people connect with their richest lives in income, time, and peace. And she does it all by over-sharing her embarrassing stories amassed from going from hot-mess to success. 

Dubbed “The Millennial Money Witch” by Forbes Women, Jessie first rose to notoriety when Yahoo! Finance named her one of the top 10 money coaches of 2020. She was later featured in Buzzfeed after going viral on TikTok for sharing her views on what Millennials want in the workplace (hint: It’s not nap pods, but more money and benefits). Jessie has also been featured in Yahoo! News and TC Palm Online.

Contact media@jessicadasilva.com with interview requests and questions.

Why event planners love me

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Exploratory Video Call

We’ll hop on a call to discuss your event and the ideal audience experience to elevate your agenda. During the call, we will ensure I’m the right fit for your event, check my availability, and discuss any relevant speaking fees.

Next, I’ll send you a proposal outlining the agreed upon topic(s) and relevant audience takeaways. Your dates get penciled into my calendar, giving you priority over any incoming inquiries requesting those dates.

Customized Proposal

Pre-event Interview

Weeks before the scheduled event, we’ll jump on a call one more time to discuss final details. This can include double-checking travel schedules, tech at the venue, or any other unique requirements or concerns about the event. 

and then…

Watch me execute on all the deliverables!

I’ll give a memorable and entertaining message to your audience based on the expectations and goals we discussed on the first call.

You just sit back and rake in the compliments.

“It’s like Mel Robbins and Iliza Shlesinger had a baby. I laughed and I learned.

– Jenny Ambrose

My commitment to you

It takes teamwork to pull off a successful event. As your partner in that, it’s my job to provide an exceptional talk and experience. I do this in 3 ways:


Mutual understanding

I communicate clearly & ask all the right questions to ensure we’re both on the same page.

Ongoing contact

I stay in touch from our initial call until after the event. I’ll be the one speaker you never worry about because I consistently touch base. 

Thorough planning

I review every variable and expectation leading up to your event, during your event, and after your event.


Action taking

You’re busy with your event. Instead of having to constantly check in with me, I will take charge of booking all relevant calls with you, touching base the day before and day of the event, and making sure everything goes off without a hitch.


After a career in journalism and the law, I can promise that I’ll meet all your deadlines and deliver on what I promised.


Thanks to a supportive staff, I can ensure every aspect of the event on my end will be covered.

Personal Touch

Offering warmth & respect

I show up to your event prepared and ready to deliver. That means I’ll treat everyone I encounter with warmth and respect, including the people running check-in, attendees, other speakers, and even the janitor. I do my best to make everyone’s day a little better. 

Delivering an uplifting performance

I love being on stage and interacting with an audience. I’ll do everything within my power to make sure everyone walks away with a smile and tangible advice they can start applying to their lives that same day.

Accepting feedback

My job isn’t over when I exit stage left. This is about building relationships with the planners who book me. That’s why I meet with event planners after the event is over to review what went right and how anything can be improved for the future.

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