Before I started working with Jessie, I worked with coaches who were helping me understand the manifestation and deep healing process. Yet I didn’t understand the pragmatic steps I needed to take. I needed someone to look at my business as a consultant that the spiritual work alone could not help me enough. Since working with Jessie, not only have I gotten clear guidance on exactly what I needed to do, it’s allowed me to think about my business in a more linear fashion. My biggest win was seeing myself as an elite coach. That mindset shift made me feel powerful and magical, which totally changed how I showed up online. Beyond that, I cracked the $20k-month mark after three months of working with her and consistently made more than that every month since, including $50k in January 2021. Jessie gave me full permission to be human and spiritual. There’s a perception that for coaches like me, we need to be 100% spiritual all the time. Jessie has a similar flavor of reality that allowed me to feel good about my own brand of coaching. When I get off Zoom, I feel reassured that I’m on the right path, I feel like I have course correction on what I need to course correct, and I just feel like a baller overall. And that is a profound gift.
DR. LIZ DuBOIS, Dr. Liz Dubois Coaching
Before working with Jessie, I knew what I did from a profession side, but manifestation was at an ethereal level. Jessie brought that understanding to me. So much of getting to the next level was about having faith and going past the unknown. You need intuition in your business, and part of intuition is connecting with your inner witch. I needed permission to do that, which Jessie gave me. I also just would not put myself out there because I was striving for perfection. Jessie said to strive for excellence instead. So, I started to put what I create out there unapologetically. That led to being showcased in in January for my programming with a video I made as part of the write-up! I also had a whole page in Plate magazine devoted to me and my work around diversity, which I’m really proud of. And that’s a national magazine! I was invited to write for Yankee Magazine a second time, and all my local programs were covered by all three New Haven newspapers. I was also awarded so many fellowships and grants for my work. I was awarded $5,000 from the Center for Arts & Activism. I was the creative-in-residence for the New Haven Public Library. My biggest win was getting selected as one of about 40 chefs for James Beard’s Chefs’ Boot Camp for Policy & Change from 800 applicants. I would not have applied had I not been in Practical Magic, creating alchemy and manifestation on my own terms. I also had my first in-person show in a New York City gallery. Accepting myself and my quirkiness, along with Jessie’s suggestions, resources, and guest speakers have made me feel great about manifestation and what I have to offer. It just shows that with intentional thought and action, you can manifest your dreams.
NADINE NELSON, Global Local Gourmet
Gift after gift, call after call, she poured value and kindness and empathy and incredible manifesting goodness into my life. I had to wait until I was more solid before I could join her program, but as soon as I did, I signed a client that was MORE than her pay in full price. After participating in one of her free 3 day workshops, I feel more grounded, more centered, and more excited to welcome in what I’m manifesting. The tests seem less significant, the silence less deafening and I am PREPARED to meet the call of what I want. She is more than just a coach. She is someone who believes in you, shows you your true levels that you can achieve, and helps you until you get there. EVEN before you pay for her services.
JENNY AMBROSE, Purée Fantastico
When Jessie and I started working together, I was making around $700-$800 a month from my business and working 20-25 hours a week on DoorDash to make up the difference. I was struggling to make ends meet, which was financially challenging because I was the only person in my home who was able to work. Since working with Jessie, I’ve more than tripled my income and my business has grown to 18 times its original size. I’m completely comfortable paying my bills, having things that I want, and celebrating the fact that I’m living the life I dreamed of. I always had a positive outlook on life, even from the beginning. I’ve also always been a really dedicated person. But my time working with Jessie definitely helped me step into my power, keep the faith, and have patience for the things I wanted. She reminded me that sometimes we need to take big leaps of faith so we can get what we want out of life—that gentle push made all the difference.
CLAIRA WYLIE KRUSE, Holistic Contentment & Claira Kruse Coaching
Jessie is truly the badass intuitive I aspire to be! She has helped me really hone in on my gifts and taught me how to take them and create a badass business full of all my energy to bring in an income!
It took me two days after our business strategy session to watch that money FLOW in with so much ease. It was amazing to watch my gifts that I knew I had blossom into this tangible business—with Jessie’s guidance, it grows into so much more.
In every call we have together, she provides awesome general life advice, tips on how to master my craft, and guides me to make some very uncomfortable but well-needed business decisions!
CHELSEA ARNOLD, Chelsea Arnold Intuitive Coaching

Before I started working with Jessie I went through a breakup with my fiance who was leaving for business anyway then COVID hit and it became a stark reality that all I’d known was now non existent. No fiance, and now no job (way to treat a girl universe lol)! I had ideas of what I wanted to do but it was mixed in a nightmare of having to generate immediate income and not having a real structure for this new way of working…

Our world collided when I read one of Jessie’s posts. I messaged her to congratulate her on her transformation – I was really inspired by it and thought this was the girl who would catapult me… To be fair I’ve been approached by a lot of coaches but I was drawn to the no nonsense, no bullshit, get-shit-done attitude. She seemed fearless and in that moment I intuitively knew she was my girl. I didn’t know how I was going to pay her mind you, lol, and wasn’t really in the market for a coach. But with no man and no job I thought f*** it, it can’t get any worse, lol!

Since I started working with Jessie I have created three 1:1 programs (Fundamentals, Therapeutic solutions for Scoliosis and Working with Ailments). I’ve gone from teaching 12 classes a week to teaching 3 and making more money. I’ve created a new modality, Yoga by Design, that offers yoga and movement practices that correspond to your Human Design and astrological placements (some free content available). I fired a private client for not being committed enough (I would have acted out of scarcity before). I’ve developed an online platform for my courses and ran my first yoga for beginner course to much acclaim.

I now have a YouTube channel with lots of free content—I wouldn’t have done this before as I had an issue with giving things away from free. Now I can’t wait to get the free content up! I’m more prolific on instagram than ever—I’ve run two series’ of short taster classes “yoga for scoliosis” and “Working with Ailments.” I got back into reading Human design charts and will now offer this as part of what I do.

Since we last spoke few days ago, I’ve been invited to talk about Human Design on a live IG with a lady who is a business strategist from Australia (I’m swotting up), a beauty blogger has contacted me for an interview about my beauty regime and yoga journey, and I have also scheduled a podcast interview talking about scoliosis. There is so much more to come.

I’ve been able to become really self employed and independent of the studios in a way I didn’t think was possible. I love what I am creating. I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and be me—it’s totally awesome! Work life balance is on fire—I have more time to myself than I ever thought was possible!

MARY SMILEY, Yoga by Design

I had a very encouraging and wonderful time being at your Empowered Networking event. I can honestly say, I feel more motivated and inspired to get my ball rolling and start taking the initiative to get my career started. Shortly after I graduated I became pregnant which took a significant pause on my job search, motivation, and energy. Adjusting from a single college student to now a step mother, girlfriend and soon to be mother, I have had quite a shake up in my life. Although, I know more than anything else I still want to strive to become the successful, powerful woman I have always envisioned to be. Participating in your event has brought the hope and encouragement I have needed to continue working hard towards my goals despite being almost 8 months pregnant.

I have felt constant road blocks but your discussion on how to effectively network and ability to break the shell of reaching out to people to expand your networking circle has tremendously helped me. I really appreciate the handouts and the networking tracker, to me they are going to be immensely useful and definitely something I needed since my resume is outdated and needs to be more attractive and my networking skills have been what feels like none.

I thank you for hosting this event. It has brought the excitement I needed to get back into focusing on my personal goals and redirecting my thoughts and actions towards becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. It was really nice being among other women and yourself talking about enriching our lives and being the successful women we all strive to be.

Thank you very much.


I have been going through a lot in the last year. Divorce, addictions, and not loving myself as much as I know I could.
When Jessie and I starting talking and going through what makes me tick it, was so eye opening. She has taught me more about how to honor myself and my intuition than I have learned in years.
She is always giving me the most insightful information and resources so I can help myself discover new things about my journey.
Even when it seems a little to difficult and I am not sure what or how to move forward, Jessie is right there to guide me in the right direction with love and knowledge.
In all the years I have been in and out of therapy, I have not felt anything as personal or successful.