Jessie has been essential to my job searching process! Her advice regarding my resumes and cover letters has been thorough and sensible. She’s helped me catch details I missed, places where I needed more clarity and has pointed out ways to help me have an eye catching and streamlined application that’s professional and also let’s my personality shine. I absolutely get a huge confidence boost having her help!


I have been going through a lot in the last year. Divorce, addictions, and not loving myself as much as I know I could.
When Jessie and I starting talking and going through what makes me tick it, was so eye opening. She has taught me more about how to honor myself and my intuition than I have learned in years.
She is always giving me the most insightful information and resources so I can help myself discover new things about my journey.
Even when it seems a little to difficult and I am not sure what or how to move forward, Jessie is right there to guide me in the right direction with love and knowledge.
In all the years I have been in and out of therapy, I have not felt anything as personal or successful.


Jessie knew exactly what I needed to hear entering post-grad life. Navigating creative job markets can get discouraging, but she gave excellent advice and encouragement that helped me with networking and freelancing (and life in general). When we video chatted, it immediately felt like talking to a good friend. I’m so glad to have Jessie as a resource!


I had a very encouraging and wonderful time being at your Empowered Networking event. I can honestly say, I feel more motivated and inspired to get my ball rolling and start taking the initiative to get my career started. Shortly after I graduated I became pregnant which took a significant pause on my job search, motivation, and energy. Adjusting from a single college student to now a step mother, girlfriend and soon to be mother, I have had quite a shake up in my life. Although, I know more than anything else I still want to strive to become the successful, powerful woman I have always envisioned to be. Participating in your event has brought the hope and encouragement I have needed to continue working hard towards my goals despite being almost 8 months pregnant.

I have felt constant road blocks but your discussion on how to effectively network and ability to break the shell of reaching out to people to expand your networking circle has tremendously helped me. I really appreciate the handouts and the networking tracker, to me they are going to be immensely useful and definitely something I needed since my resume is outdated and needs to be more attractive and my networking skills have been what feels like none.

I thank you for hosting this event. It has brought the excitement I needed to get back into focusing on my personal goals and redirecting my thoughts and actions towards becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. It was really nice being among other women and yourself talking about enriching our lives and being the successful women we all strive to be.

Thank you very much.



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