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I was sick of the old paradigm around making money…

For years, I scoured book stores looking for a financial and spiritual tome that would give me better advice than “save 10% of every paycheck” or a passive, “think positive” approach that failed to acknowledge real-world obstacles like unequal pay and systemic oppression.

Eventually, I realized that since I couldn’t find the book, I needed to write the damn thing myself.

That’s how The Witch’s Way to Wealth was born! This is the money manifestation book to end all others. In it, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about money magic like:

  • What it means when people say, “Money is energy,”
  • Why we often manifest money in high-low waves,
  • The best crystals and herbs for types of money manifestation, and
  • Easy spells using materials you already have at home!

In addition to all the magical advice you could dream of, you’ll also learn some tried-and-true financial advice like how to budget in a way that doesn’t make you want to puke, how to get a higher-paying job, and how to start a profitable online business.

Support my favorite indie bookstore & order your copy today!

Bettie’s Pages is a bookstore based in Lowell, Michigan. It’s created a safe space for all marginalized people in a very, very red county. Their claims to fame include a killer TikTok account, starting the first-ever Pride Parade in Lowell, and selling the coolest, book-nerdiest pride swag I’ve ever seen.

Support their mission of building community in a safe space for anyone who knows what it feels like to feel different.

Or nab your copy wherever books are sold!

Wanna read the back first?

“Something magical is about to happen to your wallet…

Tried everything to turn your finances around? Perhaps it’s time to get witchy. The best witches know by using both science and magic you can uncover the nature of money and manifestation, learn about money magic and how it’s rooted in different and surprising scientific disciplines, and create your own action plan for changing your mindset, manifesting money, and living an authentic life with the financial success you deserve.

From Jessie DaSilva, the intuitive mindset coach dubbed the “Millennial Money Witch” by Forbes, comes new witchy and intuitive practices to help manifest financial freedom. Using her three principles of magic, DaSilva combines business savvy technicaues with genuine witchy practices to give a much needed how-to guide to making money! This magical book will teach you:

  • What money really is
  • How to manifest money (and all things in life!)
  • Magical methods and spells to controlling and expanding your wallet
  • How to budget like a wtich
  • That the first step to financial comfort is peace

and more!”


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Dr. Liz DuBois

Since working with Jessie, not only have I gotten clear guidance on exactly what I needed to do, it’s allowed me to think about my business in a more linear fashion.
My biggest win was seeing myself as an elite coach. That mindset shift made me feel powerful and magical, which totally changed how I showed up online.
Beyond that, I made $50k cash in my first month of the year!

Jenny Ambrose

Gift after gift, call after call, she poured value and kindness and empathy and incredible manifesting goodness into my life. I had to wait until I was more solid before I could join her program, but as soon as I did, I signed a client that was MORE than her pay in full price.
After participating in one of her free 3 day workshops, I feel more grounded, more centered, and more excited to welcome in what I’m manifesting. The tests seem less significant, the silence less deafening and I am PREPARED to meet the call of what I want.
She is more than just a coach. She is someone who believes in you, shows you your true levels that you can achieve, and helps you until you get there. EVEN before you pay for her services.

Heidi Allen

Working with Jessie has helped me feel less overwhelmed. I feel like I have guidance to actually lay out the business I want to build. I’ve entirely rebranded and I truly don’t believe I would have been able to do that without Jessie.
One of the other biggest wins I received was really understanding how to properly manifest. I learned how to get that shadow, inner critic, and inner child all on board to move forward in manifesting the life I want. I got that from Jessie. I’ve done shadow work and manifestation in the past, but Jessie took it to a whole other level of understanding. For that, I’m very grateful.
My biggest win is that my business is on track. It’s moving in a positive direction for only abundance to flow. I’m so, so grateful for that!

Carly Robyn

I’m always impressed with how thoughtful, articulate, and wise Jessie is. She speaks from a knowledgeable, heartfelt place and I am so grateful to take in her words every time I have the opportunity. She backs up what she says with her own observations and experiences and it always feels genuine.
She is always good at making her advice approachable – making it easy, consumable, and DO-able. Like a good friend cheering you on to talk to your crush, Jessie is that for your life – go after it, do it, make it happen, why not? Her approach is not hyped, it is actual and I’m thankful to have her in my corner. If able, I’d highly recommend working with her. She is a rockstar, and who doesn’t want that kind of backing?

Advice. Acceptance. Abundance.



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