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I’m Jessie. I’m a money mindset and business coach.


I help people tap into their innermost wisdom to up-level their wealth-creation by finding their blind spots, helping them pave their unique path to alignment, and changing the way they see abundanceforever.

I teach the same methods I used to turn my business around during a global pandemic and make $30k in sales in two weeks.

Believe me: This shit works.



Uplevel your business

If you’re looking for a shortcut to financial success, keep scrolling. But if you’re looking to tackle your big vision of becoming the next Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, or GOOP, then you’ve come to the right place.

Practical Alchemy is a 6-month program designed to uplevel your business and life by using the ancient principles of magic and manifestation to break out of your current vibrational frequency: 1. Shift your intentions, 2. Strengthen your nervous system, and 3. Take calculated risks.

This is for established entrepreneurs looking to connect the dots between where they are now and the vision that made them start their businesses in the first place.


Empowered Networking

Job hunting can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t know what to do. But what if you could follow a tried-and-true formula that was proven to help 60% of the action-takers manifest their dream jobs at their dream salaries within 30 days? Well, I have that system. Click below to learn more.

Stressed 2 blessed

When your business comes to a standstill and you’re panicking over how you can pay the bills, it’s really hard to see the blessing. But all you need to do is ground yourself and buckle up. The universe just opened a massive opportunity for you. Use the energy to manifest cash ASAP.

Tap into your inner power

If you’re looking for a program that promises you an outcome, keep scrolling. But if you’re looking to learn principles of practical business strategy and magical manifestation methods that you can tailor to your uniqueness, then you’ve come to the right place.

Practical Magic is a 12-week program designed to uplevel your business and life into abundance using the three ancient principles of magic: 1. Align your intentions, 2. Embody them deeply, and 3. Take inspired action.

Greatest Hits

Sales Magic Guide

Book more discovery calls this week with the tips in my Sales Magic guide, plus get the winning formula to close sales calls.

Aligned Sales

Improve your sales strategy by learning how to sell from a heart-centered place. Sales is a service!

Chargeback Guide

Learn the best arguments for contesting chargebacks, how to prevent them in the future, & get my chargeback silver bullet!

Intuitive Reading

Spend 60 minutes with me to discover where you can focus your energy to create more abundance in your business and life. I use my intuition to tap into your energy and see what beliefs or experiences are blocking your genius and creative flow. Then we talk about concrete resources and actionable steps you can take to jump start your money flow again in business and in life. 


Have you ever wondered about all the mystical topics in this world and how you can put them to your own use?

Whether you’re brand new to the magical arts or a seasoned practitioner, my cohost and I will guide you through deep-dives of the different types of practices, including astrology, Human Design, herbalism, crystal magic, scrying, and more.

Join us as we share what we know and bring marginalized voices front and center.

Think your dreams are impossible?

Think again.


Chelsea Arnold

It took me two days after our business strategy call to watch that money FLOW in with so much ease. It was amazing to watch my gifts that I knew I had blossom into this tangible business—with Jessie's guidance it grows into so much more!
In every call we have together, she provides awesome general life advice, tips on how to master my craft, and guides me to make some very uncomfortable but well-needed business decisions! (...)

Mary Smiley

(...) Since I started working with Jessie I have created three 1:1 programs [and] I've gone from teaching 12 classes a week to teaching 3 and making more money (...)
I've been able to become really self employed and independent of the studios in a way I didn't think was possible.
I love what I am creating. I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and be me—it's totally awesome!
Work life balance is on fire—I have more time to myself than I ever thought was possible.

Katherine Castro

(...) I thank you for hosting this event. It has brought the excitement I needed to get back into focusing on my personal goals and redirecting my thoughts and actions towards becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. It was really nice being among other women and yourself talking about enriching our lives and being the successful women we all strive to be.
Thank you very much.

Nicole Carter

I have been going through a lot in the last year. Divorce, addictions, and not loving myself as much as I know I could.
When Jessie and I starting talking and going through what makes me tick it, was so eye opening. She has taught me more about how to honor myself and my intuition than I have learned in years.
She is always giving me the most insightful information and resources so I can help myself discover new things about my journey. (...)

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