March 10

Curate Your Career: 90 Days to Your Dream Job


Empowered Networking: Jumpstart your Job Hunt

Job hunting doesn’t need to be demoralizing. Take my self-guided online course, and I’ll show you how to get into a contagious, high-vibe mindset that allows you to network with clarity and confidence!

1:1 Business Mentorship Bootcamp

Have you been unofficially coaching or providing free readings or services, but haven’t figured out how to turn it into a business? I’ll take you through the step-by-step process on how to set up shop and get started in no time!

Career or
Tarot Reading

Spend 90 minutes with me to discover the blocks keeping you and your career or business from advancing and receive personalized resources to bust through your blocks. Unlock your potential by unblocking your bullshit!

Trashy & Classy

Between my sister and me, we’ve made all the mistakes out there—dating, sex, friends, jobs—you name it. But as they say, “Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.” Join these two classy ladies as we regale you with our trashiest memories and wisest takeaways.

Think your dreams are impossible?

Think again.


Nicole Carter

I have been going through a lot in the last year. Divorce, addictions, and not loving myself as much as I know I could.
When Jessie and I starting talking and going through what makes me tick it, was so eye opening. She has taught me more about how to honor myself and my intuition than I have learned in years.
She is always giving me the most insightful information and resources so I can help myself discover new things about my journey. (...)

Rachel Fernandez

Jessie knew exactly what I needed to hear entering post-grad life. Navigating creative job markets can get discouraging, but she gave excellent advice and encouragement that helped me with networking and freelancing (and life in general). When we video chatted, it immediately felt like talking to a good friend. I’m so glad to have Jessie as a resource!

Katherine Castro

(...) I thank you for hosting this event. It has brought the excitement I needed to get back into focusing on my personal goals and redirecting my thoughts and actions towards becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. It was really nice being among other women and yourself talking about enriching our lives and being the successful women we all strive to be.
Thank you very much.

Laura Jones

Jessie has been essential to my job searching process! Her advice regarding my resumes and cover letters has been thorough and sensible. She’s helped me catch details I missed, places where I needed more clarity and has pointed out ways to help me have an eye catching and streamlined application that’s professional and also let’s my personality shine. I absolutely get a huge confidence boost having her help!

Why You Can’t Let Fear Keep You Small in a Job Interview

When Natalie* came to me, she had been doing contract legal work for about a year. It was far, far removed from the goals she set for herself when graduating law school. Because of that, her circumstances had given her self-esteem a walloping. But never fear! Hers is...

How to Get Over a Breakup (Like a Serial Monogamist)

A solid almost 15 years of serial monogamy gave me plenty of helpful lessons—how to spot red flags, emotional vampires, men who don't pull their weight, etc. The best among those lessons? How to get over the worst part of a breakup. No matter which way you slice it,...

Why Getting Fired is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You

This might sound like a controversial opinion, but I swear to you it's true: Getting fired is a good thing! It's not just a good thing that can happen to you—it's the BEST thing that can happen to you. You might be thinking, "Jessie, that sounds a little extreme....
Preview of a bowl of ramen

How to Make It: Better-than-Takeout, Slow Cooker Ramen

We are big-time ramen eaters in this house. Living in D.C. means we have access to so many delicious options like Daikaya, Bantam King, Jinya Ramen Bar, and Reren DC—just to name a few (there are more and we've gone there, too, but these are my favs). But enjoying...
Picture of an un-blended matcha latte next to a packet of brain octane oil with the words "Bulletproof Matcha Latte" imposed over it.

How to Make It: Vegan Bulletproof Matcha Latte Recipe

It's a sad fact that after my elimination diet, I realized I couldn't have coffee. Very sad. My Puerto Rican/Portuguese ass formerly joked that my blood type was Café Bustelo. But that threw a wrench into my nutrition, as I always started my morning with some...

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