Free Resources and Black Friday Sales

Hey new and old friends! So you’ve found me on TikTok or Buzzfeed, and you’re intrigued by what it is I do. But you’re not sure where to go from here? I’m going to go over some Free Resouces and my Black Friday Deals with you.

Which Facebook Group is for you?

 5 Figure Career Queens Facebook group is good for spiritual entrepreneurs who are looking to create the business and life of your wildest imaginations. 5 Figure Career Queens has tons of free trainings and resources on mindset methods, manifestation, business strategy, and more! 

 6 Figure Career Queens Facebook group is good for spiritually inclined job hunters and ambitious professionals looking to create the career and life that you have always dreamt about. 6 Figure Career Queens is my NEW group, so I will be kicking it off with a free workshop next week! 

Don’t miss out on all these wonderful free resources!  

My First Black Friday Deal is Manifest Your Dream Career

The first one is Manifest Your Dream Career. This is all about how you can connect with your dream job at a dream company for dream pay. 

And the best part? It doesn’t rely on blindly sending in applications.

Instead, you’ll use your existing network and learn how to reach out to the types of contacts you WISH you knew to help you break into the elusive hidden job market.

It also tells you exactly how to negotiate a salary, nail an interview, and write a killer resume and cover letter!

The Second Offer is First-Class Ticket to Freedom

The second one is First-Class Ticket to Freedom. This course is good for you if you talked about starting a business, but doesn’t know where to start. TTF is the perfect course to take you from IDEA to BUSINESS.

You’ll learn the mindset you need to kick off on the right foot, how to build your offers, how to price them, and the basics of how to sell them on different social media platforms!

Perfect for anyone at the very start of their journey.

Finally, Practical Magic

Finally, the third course is my signature group program that includes weekly calls with yours truly: Practical Magic.

Practical Magic breaks down the mindset, energetics, and practical strategies you need to take an existing business from blah to BLAMMO.

Past students have increased sales, been featured in big media outlets, and even scored huge partnerships and clients using my simple, 3-point formula:


  1. Align your intentions,
  2. Embody them deeply, and
  3. Take inspired action daily.


The best part is that you get the base content presented in an online course format so you can spend our calls getting coached on how to tailor everything to suit your energy, personality, and business goals.

And rest assured: This group is capped at 10, so you ALWAYS get that 1:1 touch. 

My next cohort kicks off on Nov. 15 and TWO spots have already been claimed, so don’t wait on this one! 

Want me all to yourself?

If you feel like what you need is a little more than what’s available OR a combination of everything, slide into my DMs or book a call. That’s what my 1:1 work is for. ????

I can’t WAIT to see how you soar!


Jessie Da Silva

Craving more from your life & business?
I can help.

After months of largely crickets in my online business, I was able to do enough inner work that I could follow my true calling without fear. Once I snapped into the right mindset and habits, the money began to flow effortlessly. And now I'm ready to teach you to do that, too.

Jessie Da Silva

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