Practical Magic
unlock your power 

Manifest the business and life of your dreams without endless journaling, cookie-cutter business strategies or manifestation methods,

AND without ignoring your own intuition.

For Coaches, Service Providers, & All Other Entrepreneurs.


Have you ever felt like your arms were tired from trying to reach your dreams for so long? Well…

Time to grab ’em.

Here’s what drives me nuts about coaches…

So many of them stumble onto a process that works for them, so they box it up, brand it as a miracle method, and force everyone to do it exactly like they did.

Whenever a client is struggling to replicate it, they tell them they have “mindset blocks” and force them to just double-down on the hustle.

Many of them only teach a fraction of what they’ve done to become successful because they want you to continue investing in them.

The best method is the one that works with your energy, needs, & intuition.

I don’t care if your coach is Miss Cleo. Your intuition about what works for you and your audience is what matters the most.

Even if you manage to hit the money goals you set, the method ain’t sustainable if you’re not having fun.

You’re powerful AF. You don’t NEED a coach, you choose a coach because they can bring the best out of you.

Manifestation is no different. If there’s no room for your own methods and magic, you’re not going to get the result you’re looking for.

Every month feels the same

You KNOW you need more intuitive guidance, but the card pulls and readings aren’t cutting it. You feel a little disconnected from your own inner wisdom and what actions you should take in your business/life.

You don’t need someone else pretending like they have all the answers to your problems.

You don’t want to be told what to do anymore and shamed when you don’t do it exactly right. This isn’t about magic solutions or rigid systems, but finding a way to connect your genius with the people who need it the most.

You just need someone to help you unlock your own magic methods

You might feel stuck, but you can shift everything in a week, a day, or even an hour. The past doesn’t matter. You can make a five-figure launch happen NOW when you shift your mindset.

You need a bespoke method centered around your needs—copy-and-paste business and manifestation strategies rarely work for everyone. This is about feeling confident to take the steps you KNOW you need to take and seeing the results fast.

You need to learn how to hack your mindset, embody your inner bad bitch, have fun in your life and business again—and then make your business strategy work for you. Because feeling like the shit is the first step to believing you’re the shit. This will get you showing up confidently every day.

You can have it all.

And I’ll show you how.

Manifest on Demand


Setting intentions, feeling like you deserve them, taking inspired action…

It’s not hard to implement.

But you need to do what works for YOU when it comes to getting your mindset on track and ditching the habits and negative beliefs getting your way.

It might seem like everyone around you is getting rich AF overnight, but I promise you, the only difference between them and you is that they know what works for them.

When you clear the white noise in your head, you can hear your magic LOUD & CLEAR. 


You’ll start taking actions instead of procrastinating out of doubt, second-guessing, or fear.

You’ll wake up every day deeply believing and trusting in your own worthiness.

You’ll know exactly which steps you need to take to walk your business and life straight into the laid-back, flowy abundance you’ve always craved.

And the best part?

You’ll be having a BLAST!


Practical Magic is here to show you the way back to YOU.

Before I started working with Jessie I went through a breakup with my fiance. Then COVID hit and it became a stark reality that all I’d known was now non-existent. No fiance and now no job (way to treat a girl universe)! I had ideas of what I wanted to do but it was mixed in a nightmare of having to generate immediate income and not having a real structure for this new way of working.

Our world collided when I read one of Jessie’s posts. I was really inspired by her and thought this was the girl who would catapult me. I was drawn to the no nonsense, no bullshit, get-shit-done attitude. She seemed fearless, and in that moment I intuitively knew she was my girl. I didn’t know how I was going to pay her mind you and wasn’t really in the market for a coach. But with no man and no job I thought f*** it, it can’t get any worse!

Since I started working with Jessie I:

– Created three 1:1 yoga programs.
– Gone from teaching 12 classes a week to teaching 3 and making more money.
– Created a new modality, Yoga by Design, that offers yoga and movement practices that correspond to your Human Design and astrological placements.
– Fired a private client for not being committed enough (I would have acted out of scarcity before).
– Developed an online platform for my courses and ran my first yoga for beginner course to much acclaim.

I’ve been able to become really self employed and independent of the studios in a way I didn’t think was possible.

I love what I am creating. I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and be me—it’s totally awesome!

Work life balance is on fire—I have more time to myself than I ever thought was possible!

Mary Smiley

Yoga by Design

Practical Magic is a formula based on ancient principles of magic to connect with the business and life of your dreams.

I’m talking about an intuitive, bespoke strategy that places YOUR energy, needs, strengths, and intuition at the center


Not another cookie-cutter business plan or manifestation program.

Not a hustle-heavy schedule full of cold messaging and free calls.

Not a passive, self-healing, meditation journey (though we will totally do some healing along the way).


I’m talking about real, resourceful, stable methods for business and life you can do again and again.


I give you all the knowledge you could possibly need AND I support you in real time.

It goes like this:

  1. Align your intentions
  2. Embody them deeply
  3. Take inspired action

Brooke Baenen

Realtor, The Home Team with Keller Williams

Align your intentions & mindset

Aligning your intentions is so much more than just writing what you want on a piece of paper and wishing it into existence. This is about getting all parts of your psyche manifesting toward the same goal. We discuss how to make your shadow and ego work FOR you, not against you. And how to tap into the sacred magic of your highest self’s mission here on earth. When these three become teammates, you become unstoppable!

When I talk about embodiment, I’m not talking about faking it until you make it. This is about becoming the walking version of your fearless self. When you wake up in the morning feeling like the bad bitch you’ve always felt living inside you, you don’t have time for fear or excuses. Your doubts naturally melt away. All you’re left with is a rock-solid belief in your own worthiness.

Embody them deeply

Take inspired action every day

When you do the work of tapping into your inner power, your co-creator will start sending instructions directly to you. This is what I mean by inspired action. It could sound like content you’re meant to write, people you’re meant to contact, platforms you’re meant to use, or strategy you’re meant to try. No matter the direction, you live in total trust that your ideas are money-makers and every step you take gets you closer to your dream business (and life). 

Lindsey Graves

Self-Empowerment Coach

Imagine easily meeting dream clients & customers every day


Imagine they’re reaching out to you.

Imagine they’re excited to pay you.

Imagine easy sales calls with dream clients only.


Now imagine doing all that without the constant undercurrent of anxiety.


Could you show up fully for your business then? Yup!

Could you stop panicking about bills and—dare I say it?—take some time off? You betcha.


When you place your magic at the center of your methods, the rest is easy.


When you’re the product, you gotta stay in your zone of genius as much as humanly possible. That goes for business AND life.

Doesn’t it make more sense to sell from confidence and experience instead of some BS strategy that worked for someone else?

Let me explain.

I made $30k of sales in a
single day with Practical Magic

The 3 Steps to Connect with Your Manifestations

Chill, fun, wealthy lives start here

Learning business and manifestation strategies you can customize for your own use will drive high-caliber clients to your offers EVERY time.

Practical Magic will show you how!

Dr. Liz DuBois
Since working with Jessie, not only have I gotten clear guidance on exactly what I needed to do, it’s allowed me to think about my business in a more linear fashion.
My biggest win was seeing myself as an elite coach. That mindset shift made me feel powerful and magical, which totally changed how I showed up online.
Beyond that, I made $50k cash in January and manifested my soul mate.
Kayla Liczbinski

Before I met Jessie, I felt trapped in my 9-5 and longing for more purpose, soul, and joy in my life. Although I loved my job, I knew there was something more out there. Jessie’s amazing get-it-girl fire quickly spread through me and I found myself feeling reawakened!
In our short 8 weeks together, I launched a new business, found multiple new clients, and kicked off my first program with a ticket price people are saying YES to that I couldn’t imagine using just 7 weeks ago.
I am starting to feel free in my own self and power, and am looking forward to life unfolding in the near future and beyond!

Chelsea Arnold

Jessie is truly the badass intuitive I aspire to be! She has helped me really hone in on my gifts and taught me how to take them and create a badass business full of all my energy to bring in an income!

It took me two days after our business strategy call to watch that money FLOW in with so much ease. It was amazing to watch my gifts that I knew I had blossom into this tangible business—with her guidance it grows into so much more! In every call we have together she provides awesome general life advice, tips on how to master my craft, and guides me to make some very uncomfortable but well-needed business decisions!

Monika Fechner

When I met Jessie, it was like divine timing.
She made a post in Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs on Facebook and I knew I wanted her as my coach! As a newbie to online business, I wanted exactly someone like her to support me.
It was amazing, how quickly Jessie has found blocks and gave me tips on how to make an offer that will sell for sure—and it worked!
I could never wait for the next session to come up. Also, I highly appreciate her card reading skills, her warm-heartedness, her authenticity, her intelligence, her smartness, her empathy—I could go on and on like this.
So full of gratitude about what I learned from her, I can highly recommend working with her. It will upgrade you and your business, too.

I’ve manifested a $30k sales day, $12.5k cash launch, & a FREE stay in a presidential suite of a luxury hotel.

My name is Jessie DaSilva, and I’m a psychic business consultant and money mindset coach.

I was dubbed “The Millennial Money Witch” by Forbes for my unique brand of coaching that relies on the ancient principles of magic that guide my business strategies and manifestation practices.

In other words, I specialize in diagnosing how people are getting in their own way, both in their thoughts and actions.

I might be living an abundant AF life right now, but I started exactly where you are. I was fired from my job one week after dropping $6,000 on a business coach and $10,000 on a website (all on credit, I might add).

I went from living in a constant state of anxiety in a city that no longer served me to a luxury apartment in rural Florida with all the peace and quiet I could dream of.

No more rent checks bouncing, no more scarcity mindset, no more procrastination, no more body image shame.

And it’s all because I learned a fuck-ton of what works and doesn’t work for me when it comes to business and manifestation.

I invested in too many cookie-cutter programs promising incredible results, thousands in profits, and clients out the wahzoo.  

Which is probably why they didn’t work for me.

You see, my genius is in learning everything I can about a topic and seeing how existing systems don’t work and need improvement.

And that’s how I wound up developing this method.

Once I had learned various business and manifestation strategies, the last piece of the puzzle was understanding how my clients could customize them to fit their unique energies, needs, strengths, and intuition.

I realized when I dialed in on what truly motivated me, learned to embody my deepest authenticity, and began trusting my own intuition, my offers practically sold themselves!

That’s when it all clicked.

The $12,500 launch, the $30k sales day, the free stay in the presidential suite of a luxury hotelyou get the picture.

And I’ve done it all while having fun, relaxing, and enjoying my life again.

Imagine how much easier it is to show up when you can flow like that!


Create your own profitable business & manifestation strategy

What you get when you join:

Start to manifest

A structured online course

Every concept is delivered via Teachable, which means you can learn ANYWHERE at any time, even from your phone!

Six small group calls with Jessie

The benefit of learning the content in an online course means that every support call is your opportunity to get all your questions answered and tailor the information to your unique circumstances and personality. And because enrollment is capped at 10, you’re guaranteed to get individual attention.

Ongoing support

Not only do you get the benefit of support from me, you’ll be part of a tight-knit coven of like-spirited business owners who each bring their own genius to the table.

Learn biz strategy

Six guest speakers

While I teach you the touchpoint between manifestation and business, six guest speakers will run calls every other week on a variety of topics, including Facebook ads, copy writing, generating leads on Clubhouse, public relations, creating online courses, and more! This exposure gives you all the tools you could possibly want to develop your own business strategy.

Deciphering between fear & intuition

People often ask me how to tell if the nagging thoughts they have about what to do in business are based in limiting beliefs or their intuition. Not only will I show you how to tell the difference, I’ll give you methods for tapping into your intuition whenever you need it, including those times when you feel like you need a clearer answer. Soon, you’ll be living in total trust of the inspiration you get.

Putting it together—your way

Overwhelm is so real. But thankfully, I’m an intuitive. I can see your needs, energy, and genius clearly, which means I can also guide you on how to implement the concepts you’re learning in a way that works for you. Like I’ve said, this isn’t cookie-cutter. Everything is based on your needs.

Do some magical shit

Three full moon spell circles

In addition to support calls and guest speakers, we will meet three times via Zoom to cast spells for healing, release, and attraction at the full moon. These juicy sessions benefits everyone as we combine our magnetism to supercharge the work we’ve done separately. A coven is a powerful thing and these circles will change your life.

Know you have all the answers

Once you know your unique formula for manifesting and running your business, you become unstoppable. Not only do you feel like 100% that bitch, you show up as her. She has all the answers and if she doesn’t, she sure as hell knows where to find them. Aren’t you ready to step into that version of you? Because she’s ready to come out. 

Kick procrastination's ass

The moment everything clicks and you become the business owner you always envisioned, procrastination has no chance of gettign in your way. Why? Because you’re adequately rested AND you’re excited to take the divine action toward your goals. No more feeling like running your business is a drag. You get to do this on your terms, and those terms NEED to be fun or you won’t stick to it.

If you’re here, it’s cuz you manifested it.


The coach you’ve been searching for

I don’t work with just anyone. I work with stars in the makingthose who have something important and significant to share with the world. I’m here to usher in a brand new type of entrepreneur who wants to raise the vibration of the collective. I’m talking about real-world change. If you’re not ready to show up for world-change, you’re not ready for me.

But don’t take my word for it! Ask Kayla:

Have I mentioned how fast my clients manifest

success in their businesses?


And they’re not the only ones:

Free Mini Lesson: How to Align Your Intentions with Mindset Work for the Shadow, Ego, & Highest Self

Unlock an additional $8,000 in bonuses right now!

Here’s what else you’ll get when you join today:

  • Recordings from two previous group programs to help with business, mindset, and energetics (a $4,500 value)
  • THREE meditations to help keep you grounded and magnetic (a $400 value)
  • Two types of sample launch copy you can tailor to fit your business (a $500 value)
  • Legal templates to protect yourself, including my secret weapon against chargebacks (a $3,000 value)
  • My Magic Sales guide to book more discovery calls in one week (a $50 value)

Add that to what you’re already getting &

that’s a total value of: $22,635

Normal price of: $11,111

YOU PAY: $3,333

(Beta Program Access)

Join before the next price increase.

1 payment of


2 payments of


3 payments of


Want more of the magic?

My VIP tier gets you one-on-one access to me at a fraction of the cost. 

Enjoy three, hour-long calls with me plus Voxer support for the entire 12 weeks.

Wouldn’t you like to have a coach in your back pocket?

1 payment of


2 payments of


3 payments of


Take control of your success by tapping into your power to unlock abundance.

It’s for you if:

  • You want to run a profitable business (I can help you refine who it’s for if you’re not sure how to sell it).
  • You’re a coach, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a spiritual entrepreneur (like an energy healer, psychic, etc.).
  • You’re an action taker (you don’t waste time putting advice into practice).
  • You’re willing to work hard to get results for your clients (I like to know the information I teach is being passed on to those who need it).
  • You want personal attention and accountability (you’ll be working directly with me and several guest speakers during the three months together).
  • You believe in something higher than yourself whether that’s God, the universe, the Force, etc.

It’s not for you if:

  • You’re a Negative Nelly (you think bad things happen to you, rather than for your highest good and evolution).
  • You’re full of excuses (greatest hits like “I don’t have the time,” “I don’t have the money,” or “That just won’t work for me”).
  • You only care about making money (I’m on a mission to change the world through all the lives my clients change).
  • You don’t like personal growth or development (if you think all you need to change is your business strategy without also changing your mindset, you won’t like it here).
  • You’re not ready to take action (this program is designed for everyone to receive support while testing out principles in real time. If you’re gun shy, this ain’t gunna work for you).
  • You don’t believe in magic, manifestation, a higher power, ANYTHING beyond the physical plane around us.


What if I don't know what to offer in my business? Will you help me figure that out?

Yes! This is actually kind of my jam. I love helping people create offers that they love providing and people love buying!

What if I don't have a huge audience? Can I still join?

Of course you can. We’re just gunna manifest that ideal audience you can sell to! 

Do I need to be a tech whiz?

Nope! Basic proficiency with social media and Zoom will suffice.

How long is this program?

You get lifetime access to the videos from the class, 6 guest speakers, and small group coaching calls to make sure everyone is getting the help and information they need. The entire program will run 12 weeks.

What is your refund policy?

This is not a “course.” This is a mastermind program to show you exactly how to launch your offers! There are no refunds since you’ll have access to working directly with me and my guest speakers on your program. If you’re interested in a refund policy, please do not buy. I want to work with action takers who are ready to go all in. 

What if I'm not good at sales?

Then you sound like many of my other clients who believed selling was tough, learned my method, and began selling to ideal clients!

Do I need to buy anything else to participate?

Not exactly. You can definitely do this very cheaply. However, you might want to consider scheduling software, an email marketing provider, and a solid payment processor. Other than that, any resources I mention are completely optional.

Do you work with men?

Gender is a social construct. I work with everyone.

What if I have a question not listed here?

Email me or book a discovery call (NOT a free coaching call).

“I have doubled my rates & 
booked twice as many clients.”

Don’t miss this chance!

Normally: $11,111

Beta Price: $3,333

Only valid for the first 10 people who join.

Secure your spot now

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3 payments of


Want more of the magic?

My VIP tier gets you one-on-one access to me at a fraction of the cost. 

Enjoy three, hour-long calls with me plus Voxer support for the entire 12 weeks.

Wouldn’t you like to have a coach in your back pocket?

1 payment of


2 payments of


3 payments of


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