I’ve been featured in Buzzfeed!

Hey old and new friends! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself on my socials since being featured on Buzzfeed for my viral TikTok content! 

I’m Jessie DaSilva, also known as the Millennial Money Witch, a name given to me by Forbes for my brand of coaching that’s taught through a 3 point formula based on magic! 

They are:

  1. Align your intentions 
  2. Embody them deeply
  3. Take inspired action daily 

I’m an intuitive business coach who helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses, executives create people-first cultures that attract top talent and increase revenue, and help ambitious professionals find their dream careers at dream companies for dream pay. 

What can I say? I wear a lot of hats. 

Did you find me from my viral Tiktok?

You might have found me from my viral Tiktok on what “perks” millennials want in the workplace.

Or maybe you’re here thanks to the Buzzfeed article ABOUT that viral TikTok that came out today!

Either way, WELCOME to the club. Here you can expect some advice on money, mindset, manifestation, business strategy, career advice, and a lot more millennial rants! 

My DMs are always open for questions if you don’t mind me sharing the answers on my stories. 

I would love if you could share the article for a chance to win a coaching session with me!

I would love to hear your feedback and gripes about work culture. But you know what I would love even more? 

I would love for you to share the article, not just so we can start a movement for better pay and benefits, but so you can enter to win a month-long coaching package with me! 

All you need to do is tag me, join Jessie’s Cheerleader Squad on Facebook, and share a picture of your share + tag for an entry to win!

And each share counts as one entry! I have daily prizes ALL week with a grand prize coaching package that will be announced on Saturday!

And if you’re looking for some advice you can implement RIGHT NOW, I have a couple free Facebook groups to help you no matter where you are.

Check out my free resources for Entreprenuers and Career Queens!

If you’re an entrepreneur or looking to start a business, join 5 Figure Launch Queens where I have tons of free training on starting and scaling your business as an entrepreneur. You can join at here

And now I have a BRAND NEW group for those who want networking, job hunt, and career advice called… *drumroll* 

6-Figure Career Queens: Networking, Advice, & Job Hunting Tips for Go Getters! 

No matter how you got here or what your goals are, I’m happy to have you. You’re not alone in trying to navigate money, career, and adulthood. Because starting right now, I’ve got your back.


Jessie Da Silva

Craving more from your life & business?
I can help.

After months of largely crickets in my online business, I was able to do enough inner work that I could follow my true calling without fear. Once I snapped into the right mindset and habits, the money began to flow effortlessly. And now I'm ready to teach you to do that, too.

Jessie Da Silva

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