Chapter 11

Strengthening your nervous system is all about looking at where you are and finding ways to plug up the leaks that are draining you and shoring up your barriers to disbelief. Use the resources below to help you identify what you need and how to give it to yourself.

Journal It Out

Use this two-page guide to journal out your energy leaks and find out how you can increase your capability of believing you can have your dream life and manifestations.

Listen & Shore Up

Ep. 191: Energy Leaks in Business: How to Spot Them, Clean Up, & Keep Going!

This podcast comes from a former client of mine Danielle Eyman!

Let’s talk about Energy leaks. Every new level you want to experience inside your business offers a new opportunity to shore up people pleasing tendencies, tighten boundaries, hack an elevated mindset, and strengthen our discipline.”

Ep. 6/30/21: Money Mindset – Keeping and Receiving Blocks (Revisited)

You know I’m gunna recommend any pod that addresses money mindset!

I love talking about money mindset. It seems to be the core thing that helps propel people forward or holds them back. This episode discusses some information on if you might have a keeping or receiving block.”

Energy Leaks Sabotaging Your Business

Energy leaks are a witchy practice, so who better than the Business Witch to help?

“[A]cknowledge those emotions [then] understand and move beyond them. Let me lead you through strategic energy alignment in your business—building resilience, celebrating small wins, & infusing humor into the journey.”

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