Chapter 13

Keeping manifested money requires you to take an active role in managing it. That’s not just budgeting, but facing your creditors head on and finding a way out of the financial situation you’re in. Trust me when I say it’s not impossible!

You Need a Budget!

The basic introduction to YNAB’s money management system are these four rules: (1) Give every dollar a job, (2) Embrace your true expenses, (3) Roll with the punches, and (4) Age your money. Watch the above video for an overview of all four.

Rule No. 4 to age your money is so important that I’m including it twice. If you can find the game in this process of seeing how old you can make your money, this is how you’ll be able to build up a savings cushion to cover your expenses months ahead of time.

Prefer to read? Me too. Here’s a webpage explaining the four rules.

Trusted Credit Counselor & Consolidator

GreenPath Financial Wellness has helped thousands of people pay off their debt faster than they could have imagined by rolling their payments into one account. If you’re struggling to financially catch your breath, give them a call.

Let’s Tap Together!

Use this video to follow the prompts from the book. You’ll need to fill in the blank three times, so be ready for it!

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