Chapter 14

Magic for keeping money is all about building up a sense of stability and security. Part of that is embracing your mess. The other part is working with where you are to get where you want to be. 

Human Design Resources

Want to hear all about your energy type, not-self theme, and authority? My old podcast, Millennial Mystics, gives you the full breakdown. Feel free to use the timestamps to fast forward to the information relevant to your chart.

If you’re looking to become an expert, maybe even a chart reader, you’ll need the textbook written by the founder and his right-hand woman. This is a dense text similar to a college textbook, but will provide everything you need to know about Human Design.

Generate your chart and learn about every aspect of who you came onto this earth to be! Jenna Zoe’s website, My Human Design, not only gives you the option to get your chart, but affordable video teachings for anything you could want to know.

Interior Creature is my favorite website for free information on Human Design. Jaclyn Michelle DeForge has hundreds of blog posts on different aspects of HD. If you want a personalized reading, she provides those, too.

Magical Cleansing Resources

Spiritual white baths are used for purification. If you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, take a white bath. This blend is from Etsy shop MintandOcean, but feel free to find your own source. Make sure it uses the essential ingredients I listed in Chapter 13. 

Sure enough, my favorite witch store in Tallahassee, Fla., has a great deal on High John the Conqueror floor wash. Pour a little bit of this into your all-natural countertop spray and floor wash solution. This does the trick in cleansing your home of negative energy or bad vibes.

My other favorite witch store of all time is the Art of the Root. I’m sure I’ll mention them plenty of more times, but I’m bringing them up now because they have great bath and floor wash options. But be forewarned that they have a lot of incredible goodies you’ll want to buy!

Alchemize Your Bullshit Spell

This was a recording of the Alchemize Your Bullshit Spell I did for a group program during the 2022 full moon in Capricorn (clearly with a massive breakoutyikes). You can use this during that full moon, but you can also use it any time you’re slogging through shit and want to turn all of it into powerful lessons that will lead you to your manifestation. As you already have the instructions to the spell from Chapter 13, feel free to fast forward my explanations about the full moon in Capricorn to 19:22 when the actual spell begins.

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