Chapter 18

The money magic you want when looking to break out of a plateau is going to be all about shaking things up. You’ve probably been too safe and accommodating for a while now. A little chaos can be a good thing! Whether you decide to use a Change of Course Spell or some moldavite to get you to the next level, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be a wild ride!

Change of Course Spell

Follow the Change of Course Spell along with the recording I did for a group of clients on May 15, 2022. The actual spell begins around 12:03. Before that, I discuss the significance of the astrology at the time, more about the goddess Hecate, and cover some basic actions that will be performed during the spell.

Astrology Resources

North Node Course

Dara Dubinet is an intuitive and life direction specialist in California. While she has tons of tools available, her North Nodes course is a great deal! You’ll learn all about your North & South Node qualities. You can grab the video for your sign only at a great price of $30!

North Node House Course

In Part 2 of Dara Dubinet‘s North Nodes course, you’ll learn all about the house where your node is located in a PDF along with the attributes of the sign ruling that house so you have more info to integrate those lessons. And all for another $30? That’s a pretty good deal, IMO.

Dive into Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith Rising is unlike any other astrology book out there. . . . [I]t is a comprehensive exploration of the placement of Lilith in astrology, it’s a deep exploration into the misunderstood myth and archetype of Lilith, and it incorporates shadow work and spiritual alchemy.”

Reputable Moldavite Resources

Once again recommending my favorite witch supply store in Tallahassee, Fla. They had moldavite with certificates of authenticity. I don’t believe they’re listed online, but you can always call the store and place an order.

Moldavite Experience is a Facebook group that includes a wealth of information about buying certified genuine moldavite. They can recommend dealers and have a few sellers within the group. And it’s free to join.

Flower Remedy Vendors

Alexis Smart is a homeopath and Bach flower remedy practitioner of 20 years. She uses the ingredients from Bach and blends them into remedies that speak to broader desires, such as feeling beautiful or finding your life’s purpose. You can take a quiz on her site to get personalized recommendations from the staff.

Bach Flower Remedies are the fundamental building blocks for practitioner blends. However, you can always use one of these to support whatever your greatest emotional challenge is right now. Bach doesn’t have a quiz like Alexis, but they do have a comprehensive list of what each individual remedy supports.

Looking for community?

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