Chapter 9

“Wrichcraft” is my term for any and all things magical as they relate to money. This chapter is all about practices for first-time money manifesters and baby witches. Keep in mind that there’s an entire world of magickal resources out there, so look at these as your jumping-off point. I can’t wait to see what you learn next!

Beginner Astrology Books

Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs is the perfect first read if you really want to know about the qualities typically associated with each of the signs.

However, please keep in mind that this was first published in 1968, which means it says things like, “This is a woman who won’t want to leave her secretary job when she gets married!”

So, if you can overlook the binary nature of gender roles in the book, there’s a lot to learn.

Is this the only astrology book you’ll ever need? Probably not. Is it an essential astrology book for beginners? Yes. Does it make for a great coffee table book? Oh, absolutely.

This is honestly one of the most fascinating books you can look through as someone learning the language of astrology. You’ll learn the basics along with a few interesting bits along the way.

For example, how to identify Scorpio placements by their stares or Leos by their gorgeous manes of hair and perfect eyebrows.

Generate Your Natal Chart

Cafe Astrology

Cafe Astrology will give you an easy-to-read list of placements along with nice, long, written report all about you! Makes for great reading on a road trip. will generate a wild-looking chart like this one with no other interpretations, but its color coding makes it easier to see. Poke around the site for other fun horoscopes, though!

My Favorite Witch Store

Stone Age is a massive metaphysical store in Tallahassee, Florida. You can find your own, hip, little place or you can borrow mine! Trust me that if you need anything witchy, this place probably has it.

Additional Resources

Get your vibes right and ground before casting a spell 

Don’t forget to close down your channel when you’re done casting your spell or setting protections. Imagine clicking off the lights in your chakras one by one from the crown to the root. Then, retract your roots them from the earth, returning them to the insides of your feet and/or sit bones.

Looking for community?

Look no further.