Dream job networking toolkit 

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You are ready to take on the world; you just need a little direction!

These will allow you to land at least a few networking calls to build your trust and success to keep moving forward.

Here are some basic tools I created to help you get on your way.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Networking Tracker & Guide

Use this guide and tracker to help you target your ideal organizations and grow contacts from there.

Sample Resume

I’m a fan of a trimmed-down resume that highlights only the most applicable jobs and provides a snapshot of you as a whole person.

Take the course: Manifest Your Dream Career

Manifest your dream job ASAP using actionable networking advice and mindset practices to keep you focused and grounded throughout the process in Manifest Your Dream Career. All the content is available for download to your phone, which means you can tune in no matter where you are.

Free additional training

If you need some extra support or want specific questions answered, join my free group www.6figurecareerqueens.com.