The Embodied Uplevel
your dreams, your way 

Manifest the next level of your business without relentless hustle or cookie-cutter business strategies that don’t always work,

AND centering fun, ease, and JOY.

For Coaches, Service Providers, & All Other Entrepreneurs.


Ever felt like you could SEE your next level but you were bumping against a glass ceiling? Well…

Let’s smash it.

Here’s what drives me nuts about the coaching industry…

So many coaches stumble onto a process for making money, writing books, booking speaking gigs, and plenty of other endeavors. So, they box it up, brand it as a miracle method that will work for everyone, and force their clients to do it exactly like they did.

Many of those methods don’t grow with their clients. The answer is to do it more/harder/longer/faster rather than looking for ways to scale without expending more time and energy. 

Even worse, there’s little room for push-back or alternative methods if the ones taught don’t jibe with your preferences, energy, or goals.

The best method is the one that works with your needs, saves you time, and gets you closer to your dream life.

You’re an expert in your own right. You don’t need to be less you, just a more streamlined you. It’s time to eliminate any doubt in your unique ability to achieve the big, scary, POWERFUL goals your way.

What got you here, isn’t what will get you to your next level. You gotta upgrade your business strategy in a way that leaves hustle OUT of it and sets your passion on FIRE.

You’re powerful AF. You don’t NEED a coach, you choose a coach because they can bring the best out of you.

If there’s no room for your magic, you’re not going to get the result you’re looking for. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to guide you to your genius and give you the best strategies to get results.

Every month feels the same

You KNOW you want to break into the next level in your business. You make money and you have solid success, but you’re not sure how to find the time to finally achieve the recognition and success you’ve been calling in without losing cash flow. 

You’re sick of pushy coaches making grand promises, claiming they know it all and then giving you the same basic shit about Facebook groups and growing your Instagram following.

You feel like you have everything inside you to reach the big vision for your life. But for some reason, it all feels slightly out of your grasp, as if you’re looking at it through glass.

You need someone to help you unlock your own magic 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in this vibrational frequency. You can shift everything in a week, a day, or even an hour. The past doesn’t matter. You can get the big money, the book deals, the speaking gigs as soon as you shift your mindset.

You need a bespoke method centered around your goals—copy-and-paste business strategies rarely work for everyone. This is about feeling confident to take the steps you KNOW you need to take and seeing the results fast.

You need to learn how to hack your mindset, embody your inner bad bitch, have fun in your life and business again—and then make your strategy work for you. When you feel like THE SHIT, other people start to believe it, too.

You can have it all.

And I’ll show you how.

Manifest on Demand


Deepen your authenticity, live in your Zone of Joy and Genius, and upgrade your strategies…

It’s not hard to implement.

But even when you know the formula, it’s hard to tell where your blind spots are. That’s why you have a coach who understands manifestation energetics, the science behind it, and a whole tool box of business strategies that you can customize to fit your needs.

It might seem like everyone around you are getting media placements, podcast interviews, or rich AF overnight, but I promise you, the only difference between them and you is that they know what works for them and they’re not afraid to get everything they want.

When you connect your vision to your magic, you can hear your the instructions LOUD & CLEAR. 


You’ll start taking big, bold actions instead of feeling like you’re treading water.

You’ll wake up every day feeling like you’re one step closer to the dream life that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

You’ll know exactly which steps you need to take to walk your business and life straight into the laid-back, flowy abundance you’ve always craved.

And the best part?

You’ll be having a BLAST!


Embodied Uplevel is here to show you the fun and authentic way to your greatest life yet.

Before I started working with Jessie I went through a breakup with my fiance. Then COVID hit and it became a stark reality that all I’d known was now non-existent. No fiance and now no job (way to treat a girl universe)! I had ideas of what I wanted to do but it was mixed in a nightmare of having to generate immediate income and not having a real structure for this new way of working.

Our world collided when I read one of Jessie’s posts. I was really inspired by her and thought this was the girl who would catapult me. I was drawn to the no nonsense, no bullshit, get-shit-done attitude. She seemed fearless, and in that moment I intuitively knew she was my girl. I didn’t know how I was going to pay her mind you and wasn’t really in the market for a coach. But with no man and no job I thought f*** it, it can’t get any worse!

Since I started working with Jessie I:

– Created three 1:1 yoga programs.
– Gone from teaching 12 classes a week to teaching 3 and making more money.
– Created a new modality, Yoga by Design, that offers yoga and movement practices that correspond to your Human Design and astrological placements.
– Fired a private client for not being committed enough (I would have acted out of scarcity before).
– Developed an online platform for my courses and ran my first yoga for beginner course to much acclaim.

I’ve been able to become really self employed and independent of the studios in a way I didn’t think was possible.

I love what I am creating. I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and be me—it’s totally awesome!

Work life balance is on fire—I have more time to myself than I ever thought was possible!

Mary Smiley

Yoga by Design

Embodied Uplevel is a formula based on ancient principles of magic to connect with the business and life of your dreams.

I’m talking about an intuitive, bespoke strategy that places YOUR intuition, wisdom, and goals at the center


Not another cookie-cutter business plan or manifestation program.

Not a hustle-heavy schedule full of doing the same methods harder or faster.

Not a passive meditation journey (though we will totally do some healing along the way).


I’m talking about real, resourceful, stable methods for business and life you can repurpose whenever you want to uplevel.


I give you all the knowledge you could possibly need AND I support you in real time.

It goes like this:

  1. Deepen your authenticity
  2. Live in your Zone of Joy and Genius
  3. Upgrade your strategies!

Brooke Baenen

Realtor, The Home Team with Keller Williams

Deepen your authenticity & be MORE you.

Manifestation is so much more than just writing what you want on a piece of paper and wishing it into existence. Shifting your intentions from the reality you already achieved to the vision in your heart requires you to get real about the secret dreams you hold inside. It’s time to name them, take them seriously, say no to anything that won’t get you closer to them, and craft a plan to connect with them fast. The best way to do that? Become a fiercer, happier, more vibrant version of yourself. It’s time to be beautifully, radically you.

When we want to uplevel, we must create a daily life that’s as close to our dream as possible. That means the vast majority of what you do every day should be (a) shit you love AND (b) shit you’re good at. It sounds simple yet the vast majority of people let their dreams sit on the back burner, always behind chasing financial security or wealth. The secret to success, of course, is to follow your dreams and intuition. Then money will find YOU.

Live in your Zone of Joy    & Genius.

Upgrade your strategies & get serious.

Clients come to me because it feels like no matter what they do, they’re perpetually treading water. They can’t unplug from their business without risking a dip in cash flow. They think the answers lie in more money to hire help or more hours in the day. The real answer is hiding in plain sight: your client base. Knowing how to bridge the gap between your favorite ways to sell and how your clients decide to buy will show you exactly how to create a money-making system that works on autopilot while you finally start writing that NY Times’ best seller.

“When we started working together, I was making around $700-$800 a month from my business and working 20-25 hours a week on DoorDash to make up the difference. I was struggling to make ends meet, which was financially challenging because I was the only person in my home who was able to work.

“Since working with Jessie, I’ve more than tripled my income and my business has grown to 18 times its original size. I’m completely comfortable paying my bills, having things that I want, and celebrating the fact that I’m living the life I dreamed of.

“I always had a positive outlook on life, even from the beginning. I’ve also always been a really dedicated person. But my time working with Jessie definitely helped me step into my power, keep the faith, and have patience for the things that I wanted. She reminded me that sometimes we need to take big leaps of faith so we can get what we want out of life—that gentle push made all the difference.”

Claira Flores

Ethical Business Consultant & Founder/CEO of Holistic Contentment

Imagine becoming one of those lucky bitches who gets

opportunities others only dream of


Imagine your dreams are reaching out to you.

Imagine they’re excited to see you grow.

Imagine easy upleveling with dream clients and partners only.


Now imagine doing all that with clarity, ease, and FUN.


Could you show up fully for your big vision then? Yup!

Could you stop feeling resentful of others’ success and see their milestones as a preview of what’s headed your way? You betcha.


When you place your dreams at the center of your methods, the rest is magic.


When you’re the product, you gotta stay in your Zone of Joy & Genius as much as humanly possible. That goes for business AND life.

Doesn’t it make more sense to manifest from your unique experience and wisdom instead of some BS strategy that worked for someone else?

Let me explain.

I landed a book deal & an $11k cash day with Embodied Uplevel.

The 3 Steps to Your Next-Level Life & Business

Chill, fun, wealthy lives start here

Learning business and manifestation strategies you can customize for your own use will help you break through your glass ceilings EVERY time.

Embodied Uplevel will show you how!

Dr. Liz DuBois
Since working with Jessie, not only have I gotten clear guidance on exactly what I needed to do, it’s allowed me to think about my business in a more linear fashion. My biggest win was seeing myself as an elite coach. That mindset shift made me feel powerful and magical, which totally changed how I showed up online. Beyond that, I made $50k cash in January and manifested my soul mate.
Jenny Ambrose

Gift after gift, call after call, she poured value and kindness and empathy and incredible manifesting goodness into my life. I had to wait until I was more solid before I could join her program, but as soon as I did, I signed a client that was MORE than her pay in full price. After participating in one of her free 3 day workshops, I feel more grounded, more centered, and more excited to welcome in what I’m manifesting. The tests seem less significant, the silence less deafening and I am PREPARED to meet the call of what I want. She is more than just a coach. She is someone who believes in you, shows you your true levels that you can achieve, and helps you until you get there. EVEN before you pay for her services.

Heidi Allen
Working with Jessie has helped me feel less overwhelmed. I feel like I have guidance to actually lay out the business I want to build. I’ve entirely rebranded and I truly don’t believe I would have been able to do that without Jessie. One of the other biggest wins I received was really understanding how to properly manifest. I learned how to get that shadow, inner critic, and inner child all on board to move forward in manifesting the life I want. I got that from Jessie. I’ve done shadow work and manifestation in the past, but Jessie took it to a whole other level of understanding. For that, I’m very grateful. My biggest win is that my business is on track. It’s moving in a positive direction for only abundance to flow. I’m so, so grateful for that!
Carly Robyn

I’m always impressed with how thoughtful, articulate, and wise Jessie is. She speaks from a knowledgeable, heartfelt place and I am so grateful to take in her words every time I have the opportunity. She backs up what she says with her own observations and experiences and it always feels genuine. She is always good at making her advice approachable – making it easy, consumable, and DO-able. Like a good friend cheering you on to talk to your crush, Jessie is that for your life – go after it, do it, make it happen, why not? Her approach is not hyped, it is actual and I’m thankful to have her in my corner. If able, I’d highly recommend working with her. She is a rockstar and who doesn’t want that kind of backing?

I’ve manifested a $30k sales day, $12.5k cash launch, & a FREE stay in a presidential suite of a luxury hotel.

My name is Jessie DaSilva, and I’m a psychic business consultant and money mindset coach.

I was dubbed “The Millennial Money Witch” by Forbes for my unique brand of coaching that relies on the ancient principles of magic that guide my business strategies and manifestation practices.

In other words, I specialize in diagnosing how people are getting in their own way, both in their thoughts and actions.

I might be living an abundant AF life right now, but I’ve been through my share of energetic plateaus where I just felt ready (and overdue) for so much more than where I was.

Thanks to three years of intense self-teaching behind how manifestation worksincluding neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics, and, yes, MAGICalong with a whole lotta trial and error, I found how how to uplevel almost on command.

I’ve invested in more cookie-cutter programs promising incredible manifestations, thousands in profits, and clients/recognition/everything out the wa-zoo.  

Which is probably why they didn’t work for me.

You see, my genius is in learning everything I can about a topic and seeing how existing systems don’t work and need improvement.

And that’s how I wound up developing this method.

Once I had learned various business and manifestation strategies, the last piece of the puzzle was understanding how my clients could customize them to fit their unique energies, needs, strengths, and intuition.

I realized when I dialed in on the big vision I had for my life and shamelessly committed to achieving it, refused to do anything that was NOT in my Zone of Joy and Genius, and upgraded my strategies by creating systems to put my income on autopilot, my manifestations started showing up almost overnight!

That’s when it all clicked.

The $11,110 cash DAY, the $14k cash launch, the book deal, the phone calls from execs working for former sharks on Shark Tankyou get the picture.

And I’ve done it all while having fun, relaxing, and only taking calls 2.5 days a week. It’s almost embarrassing how little I work and how messy it can be behind the scenes.

Because when your entire focus is on feeling deserving of the life and opportunities you’re manifesting, abundance begins to feel inevitable.

As they say, “What’s meant for you can’t miss you.” 


Create your own big vision manifestation strategy

What you get when you join:

Start to manifest

Two structured online courses

Every concept is delivered via Teachable, which means you can learn ANYWHERE at any time, even from your phone!

Twelve group calls with Jessie

The benefit of learning the content in an online course means that every support call is your opportunity to get all your questions answered and tailor the information to your unique circumstances and personality. And because enrollment is capped at FIVE, you’re guaranteed the individual attention a high-ticket investment deserves.

Six 1:1 calls with Jessie

Not only do you get the benefit of support from your fellow geniuses, you’ll get extra support once a month to make sure you’re on track with your big goals.

Learn biz strategy

Twelve guest speakers

While I teach you the touchpoint between manifestation and business, twelve guest speakers will run calls every other week on a variety of topics, including how to land corporate clients, launch a profitable podcast, write a book, land speaking gigs, and more! This exposure gives you all the tools you could possibly want to grow into your next level as an entrepreneur.

Eliminating doubt

People often come to me because they know how to tap into their intuition for manifesting the place where they are, but they need help breaking out of the cycle—even if it’s a juicy one. I help you learn how to activate deeper parts of your intuition by understanding science and how to hack your brain. Soon, accessing your intuition will feel like Sherlock visiting his mind palace where the answers almsost instantly come to you. With THAT level of control and access, how could you ever doubt yourself again?

Putting it together—your way

Overwhelm is so real. But thankfully, I’m an intuitive. I can see your needs, energy, and genius clearly, which means I can also guide you on how to implement the concepts you’re learning in a way that works for you. Like I’ve said, this isn’t cookie-cutter. Everything is based on your needs, wisdom, and goals. Think of me as a guide, leading you back to you.

Do some magical shit

Six new moon manifestation circles

In addition to support calls and guest speakers, we will meet six times via Google Meet to cast spells for attraction, magnetism, and growth at the new moon. These juicy sessions benefits everyone as we combine our energies to supercharge the work we’ve done separately. A coven is a powerful thing and these circles will change your life!

Know you have all the answers

Once you know your unique formula for manifesting and running your business, you become unstoppable. Not only do you feel like 100% that bitch, you show up as her. She has all the answers and if she doesn’t, she sure as hell knows where to find them. Aren’t you ready to step into that version of you? Because she’s ready to come out. 

Clarity, focus, organization

Have you ever felt like if it were just possible to scale back in your life SOME WAY, you could explode into your next level? Yeah, BEEN THERE. A lot of entrepreneurs forget that their intuition can not only give you instructions, but guide you on when to follow them. We’ll learn not just how to pursue our dreams, but which dreams to pursue first. And how to do that without losing a penny of your income.

If you’re here, it’s cuz you manifested it.


The coach you’ve been searching for

I don’t work with just anyone. I work with thought leaders in the makingthose who have something important and significant to share with the world. I’m here to usher in a brand new type of influencer who is raising the vibration of the collective. I’m talking about real-world change. If you’re not ready to show up for world-change, you’re not ready for me.

But don’t take my word for it! Ask Kayla:

Have I mentioned how fast my clients manifest

success in their businesses?


And they’re not the only ones:

Free Mini Lesson: How to Deepen Your Authenticity to

Attract Your Big Goals 

Unlock an additional $8,000 in bonuses right now!

Here’s what else you’ll get when you join today:

  • Access to my foundational course, Practical Magic, to understand the building blocks of manifestation (a $5,000 value)
  • The ability to promote inside my Facebook group 5-Figure Launch Queens (a value of $282)
  • Recordings from two previous group programs to help with business, mindset, and energetics (a $4,500 value)
  • Recordings of my year-round monthly workshops (a $6,000 value)
  • Recorded sessions with all previous guest speakers (a $10,000 value)
  • Three meditations to tap into your strength, get unstuck, and connect with your inner wisdom (a $400 value)
  • Two launch strategies that teach you to create compelling content that land you discovery calls (a $3,000 value)
  • Legal templates to protect yourself, including my secret weapon against chargebacks (a $3,000 value)
  • My Magic Sales guide to book more discovery calls in one week (a $50 value)

Add that to what you’re already getting &

that’s a total value of: $43,635

Normal price of: $14,999

YOU PAY: $7,777+

(Beta Program Access)

Join before the next price increase.

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Take control of your success by deepening into your gifts to unlock your wildest dreams yet.

It’s for you if:

  • You want to run a profitable BRAND and business (I can help you refine it if you’re not sure what your next level looks like).
  • You’re a coach, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a lawyer, a spiritual entrepreneur (like an energy healer, psychic, etc.).
  • You’re an action taker (you don’t waste time putting advice into practice).
  • You’re willing to work hard to get results for your clients (I like to know the information I teach is being passed on to those who need it).
  • You want personal attention and accountability (you’ll be working directly with me and several guest speakers during the six months together).
  • You believe in something higher than yourself whether that’s God, the universe, the Force, etc.

It’s not for you if:

  • You’re a Negative Nelly (you think bad things happen to you, rather than for your highest good and evolution).
  • You’re full of excuses (greatest hits like “I don’t have the time,” “I don’t have the money,” or “That just won’t work for me”).
  • You only care about making money (I’m on a mission to change the world through all the lives my clients change).
  • You don’t like personal growth or development (if you think all you need to change is your business strategy without also changing your mindset, you won’t like it here).
  • You’re not already taking action (this program is designed for everyone to receive support while testing out principles in real time. If you’re gun shy, this ain’t gunna work for you).
  • You don’t believe in magic, manifestation, a higher power, ANYTHING beyond the physical plane around us.


What if I don't know what what the next level of my business looks like? Will you help me figure that out?

Yes! This is actually kind of my jam. I love helping people hone in on services and offerings that they love providing and people love buying!

What if I don't have a huge audience? Can I still join?

Of course you can. We’re just gunna manifest that ideal audience!

Do I need to be a tech whiz?

Nope! Basic proficiency with social media and Google Meet will suffice.

How long is this program?

You get lifetime access to the videos from the class, 12 guest speakers, and small group coaching calls to make sure everyone is getting the help and information they need. The entire program will run six months.

What is your refund policy?

This is not a “course.” This is a mastermind program to show you exactly how to automate your client attraction to save you time so you can pursue your dreams. There are no refunds since you’ll have access to working directly with me and my guest speakers on your business. If you’re interested in a refund policy, please do not buy. I want to work with action takers who are ready to go all in. 

What if I'm not good at sales?

Then you sound like many of my other clients who believed selling was tough, learned my method, and started finding sales fun! Spoiler alert: I teach consensual, ethical, service-based sales. I will not teach you how to manipulate people into buying your offers or products.

Do I need to buy anything else to participate?

I’m assuming you’re already running a business with the relevant software, so any resources I mention are completely optional.

Do you work with men?

Gender is a social construct. I work with everyone. This is a safe space for everyone except Trump supporters, bigots, TERFs, etc.

What if I have a question not listed here?

Email me or book a discovery call (NOT a free coaching call).

“I have doubled my rates & 
booked twice as many clients.”

Don’t miss this chance!

Normally: $14,999

Beta Price: $7,777+

Only valid for the first 5 people who join.

Secure your spot now

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