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1. Waiting to be discovered,

2. Procrastinating, and

3. Not knowing where to start?

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Magic Mic:

Paid Speaker Accelerator

Pay-in-Full Bonuses:

Bonus #1: 30-minute 1:1 session where Jessie helps you find potential speaking leads for your topics and background

Bonus #2: Have Jessie review your talk and give feedback on your content and slides. 

Bonus #3: Full 1:1 coaching session to address any mindset or strategy issues keeping you from becoming a paid public speaker.


Magic Mic

The premiere live group coaching program that helps business owners & thought leaders land paid speaking gigs in 90 days by focusing on mindset, prep work, and simple email strategy.

Our 4 months together will include:

Tested outreach strategy.

Get the exact formula to write your speech(es) and the best places to pitch without waiting for an agent or conference to discover you. Optimize your website and/or create a web page that converts interested event planners into hot leads. Then, use the tested email templates and strategies to reach out to event planners and close your first paid speaking deal in 90 days.

Collaborate and build community! Get support M-F from Jessie and the other thought leaders in the program. Share leads, get advice, and feel supported as you navigate your new journey as a public speaker.

Private, clients-only chat.

Weekly group coaching.

Get coached LIVE every week on everything, including strategy, mindset, messaging, and more from Jessie. Learn from her successes and failures becoming a sought-after speaker in less than a year completely by herself.


“Dude. I feel like I could start booking gigs tomorrow. Jessie killed that!

“Jessie honestly made me realize that I’ve already done this. I’ve taught classes. I’ve taught on Zoom. I’ve done exactly what she was doing, just delivering shit from my brain that I know I’m good at talking about.

“Getting to go one-on-one with her and search through my individual niche was truly invaluable.”

Ally Hunt, Confidence Creator

“Jessie was frickin awesome! I got a response on my first go out [of emails]! I’m gonna keep pushing through! Jessie rocks! I know I’m gonna make this a reality.”

Antonio Hunt, Photographer & Speaker

What you’ll learn:


  • Figure out exactly what to talk about & know it will sell.
  • The magic formula to find speaking opportunities.
  • Developing a rock-solid mindset to build confidence.


  • Get quality footage of yourself before booking your first gig.
  • Write a webpage that converts views to payments.
  • Know exactly how to price your talks & sell them.


  • Use 20+ email templates to reach out & navigate the sales process.
  • Follow a pitch call script so you can close deals with ease.
  • Learn software to keep you from drowning in email.


  • Lock in deals with templates for agreements & invoices.
  • Know exactly what to do the day before, day of, & day after a talk.
  • Optimize your talk so you get more speaking and client leads!

Ready for the stage? Don’t wait any longer:

 Need more proof?

I earned thousands of dollars just from speaking engagements in the first six months.

Figures based on 50% deposit to book and 50% paid after the event.

Now I’m teaching a limited number of clients how to get there even faster.
Are you ready to be one of them?