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3. Attending awkward networking events?

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Manifest Your Dream Career

Pay-in-Full Bonuses:

Bonus #1: 30-minute 1:1 session where Jessie helps you find potential job titles and organizations that could lead to your dream job.

Bonus #2: Have Jessie review your resume and cover letter to give feedback on your materials. 

Bonus #3: Full 1:1 coaching session to address any mindset or strategy issues keeping you from going after your dream job.


Manifest Your Dream Career

The premiere live group coaching program that helps underpaid and under-satisfied professionals land their dream jobs in 90 days by focusing on mindset and a simple email-based networking strategy.

Our 3 months together will include:

Tested outreach strategy.

Get the exact formula on how to reach out to the kind of contacts who could get you inside information on the jobs and organizations you’d kill to work forall without sending in job applications. Optimize your resume and cover letter so you highlight just how impressive you are. Finally, use the tested salary negotiation method to ensure that you get the pay you deserve with confidence.

Collaborate and build community! Get support M-F from Jessie and the other thought leaders in the program. Share leads, get advice, and feel supported as you navigate your new networking journey.

Private, clients-only chat.

Weekly group coaching.

Get coached LIVE every week on everything, including networking strategy, mindset, job interviews, written materials, and more from Jessie. Learn from her successes and failures networking her way to dream jobs in her previous careers in journalism and law.


“After attending [Manifest Your Dream Career] I not only landed my dream job, but at my dream salary!

“Jessie teaches to always negotiate, no matter what your salary is.

“So, when I received a job offer for double my salary, I still asked for more, plus $10,000 just in case I low-balled myself (Jessie’s advice).

“It worked! They accepted my counter-offer without hesitation! I couldn’t have done it without this class.”

Reham F.

“[Manifest Your Dream Career] was the best money I’ve spent.

“Jessie gave me so many tips and resources and shared her wealth of knowledge.

“I left knowing my worth and willing to ask for it. Just a few short weeks after the seminar, I was offered a new, better job and could not be happier.

“I will continue using her tips as I navigate my career and life.”

Murugi T.

What you’ll learn:


  • Figure out exactly what your dream job title and employer are.
  • How to set boundaries at work so you’re not as desperate to leave.
  • Developing a rock-solid mindset to build confidence.


  • Write a resume that effectively highlights your skills.
  • The magic formula to write an impressive cover letter.
  • Know exactly how to write networking emails people will open.


  • Use email templates to network with new people.
  • Develop authentic relationships contacts who want to help you.
  • Learn how to navigate asking for info on jobs and companies.


  • Learn how to answer the trickiest interview questions.
  • Know what to ask to screen a potential employer for red flags.
  • Negotiate salary so they think it’s their idea to increase the offer!

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