Refund Policies

1:1 Coaching

All one-on-one coaching containers are agreed upon between potential clients and Coach Jessie DaSilva. Those agreements are outlined in individual contracts and signed by both parties. That being said, the general refund policy for one-on-one clients is this:

If Client terminates this Agreement within seven days of entering this Agreement, Client will be entitled to a refund of 75% of the Contract Price. If Client terminates this Agreement more than seven days after entering this Agreement, Client will not be entitled to a refund of the Contract Price.”

Group Programs

All refund polices are stated on individual terms of purchase pages for Practical Magic and Embodied Uplevel. However, the general refund policy is this:

“Upon execution of this Agreement, Client agrees to pay to the Coach the full purchase amount.

“Coach does not offer refunds to ensure that clients are fully committed to the Program.

“If Client selects a payment plan option, Client agrees to pay fees to the Coach according to the payment schedule set forth on Coach’s website, or otherwise provided to Client, and the payment plan selected by Client (the “Fee”).

“In the event Client fails to make any of the payments within a payment plan during the time prescribed, Coach has the right to immediately disallow participation by Client until payment is paid in full, including, but not limited to, disallowing access to modules, materials, and coaching calls. If Client has not paid within fourteen (14) days of due date, Coach has the right to terminate agreement. In the event of default, the client shall pay all collection expenses, court costs, and any reasonable attorney’s fees, which may be incurred. Further, the client shall pay interest on any late fees at the rate of 15% percent per month.

“Client acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances will Client file a chargeback, inquiry, or dispute with their bank or credit card company.”