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V.I.P. Royals Club is the perfect all-in-one program designed to keep you inspired and your business fresh. This is a place to get income-generating ideas, network with other active and ambitious entrepreneurs, and pitch in front of a captive audience full of your ideal clients.

For those who consider themselves half-spiritual, half-business in ANY capacity, welcome home. This is your chance to surround yourself with role models, potential partners, AND show off what you got! Weirdness and vulnerability are encouraged here. We incarnated at this time to heal the world through the gifts we were given at birth.

If I’m a unicorn coach who bridges mindset, business strategy, and manifestation to success, then consider this a unicorn group. It’s a place not just for learning, not just for promoting, but for a collective raising up of our vibration to reach success beyond our wildest dreams.

My goal is to make all my clients, colleagues, and friends fabulously wealthy. Consider this your first step on that journey.


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Promote Yourself

One Live + Promo Post a week

5-Figure Launch Queens is a varied and diverse group of business owners that grows by the day. With an audience hungry for learning, engagement is high with opportunity for meaningful connection.

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Quality, professional peers

The V.I.P. Royals Club membership is a curated group of dedicated, talented business owners. If you’re looking for friends and colleagues who understand the life you’ve chosen as a business owner, consider yourself home.

Conversion Coaching

Learn from the best

Not only do you receive a money-making workshop each month from yours truly, but lives based on popular topics affecting members. Additionally, other members may sign up to host group mastermind calls each week. 

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Bonus Features


Private, members-only Facebook group

Enjoy partnership with entrepreneurs on your level. Lean into your peers and meet your new, most supportive best friends. This is the space to expand your mind on what you believe you’re capable of in business.

Support from Jessie

Get your questions answered without paying $400/hour or $8300 for three months. Every week, Jessie will post a thread or go live to answer business-related questions.

Listing in the AAE Business Directory

Get your name added in a searchable Google Document of business owners where members can find your services. This is published and publicized every month.

Intro interview in Aligned Abundant Entrepreneurs

Not great when it comes to talking about yourself? Book a 10-minute introduction interview as part of a free expert series to be featured in Aligned Abundant Entrepreneurs.

Grow your email list

Every week, share your free gift in a thread to build your email list. It can be a freebie, a quiz, anything you like.

Teach a workshop

Got a money-making idea for your peers? Host a workshop in the private membership group as a means of helping your peers.

Power Hour Calls

Looking for accountability during a solid hour of focus? Host a power hour with your fellow members. Workshop an idea, brainstorm with other business owners, or even just co-work in silence. You no longer need to work alone!

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Friendships changed my biz

I felt so alone when I started my business. I had just been fired, come out as a psychic, and I had no role models, friends, or family members who understood what I was going through.

While I occasionally met other business owners out and about in Washington, DC, none of them offered the mix of spiritual coaching that I was. I felt ostracized and misunderstood.

So, when I made difficult decisions like pivoting into business coaching during a worldwide pandemic, I didn’t have anyone who understood the unique mix of excitement and fear.

Then I took a group program with other business folx doing similar work. We traded coaching and ieas. And those connections changed my life. I no longer had to work alone. I had a dozen others to celebrate my wins and learn from my failures.

Those relationships made me stronger and brainstormed with me when I felt stuck. I wanted to bring that same community to you.

Welcome home, friend.

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Workshop ideas

Broaden your network

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Promote your business with one live & one post per week

Conversion Coaching

Monthly money-making workshops

Conversion Coaching

Private, members-only Facebook group

Listing in the Aligned Luxury Biz Directory

Co-working Calls

Grow your email list

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