Manifest by Facing Your Fears with the Greatest Fear Spread

It’s Mercury Retrograde season! If you read my last blog post on how to succeed during Mercury Retrograde, you already know I LOVE this season.

Yep, the season most associated with chaos is one of my favorite times in business. All because I know how to use the energy.

This specific Mercury Retrograde is happening in Scorpio, which means that all the miscommunication, hangups, and delays we experience are going to play on our shadow.

That sounds scary unless you look at that as an opportunity to guide your shadow work.

And to help you, this post will tell you how to manifest by facing your fears with the Greatest Fear Spreada tarot spread I developed to help you delve into the deeper fear hiding behind what you perceive your greatest fear to be.

The Layout & Card Meanings

This spread includes a total of nine cards that walk you through your current perceptions and encourage you to explore the deeper influences at play.

I like to shuffle and draw cards one through four. Once I’ve analyzed them, I draw cards five through eight. I find it makes it easier to interpret them as a holistic spread.

Manifest by facing your fears with the Greatest Fear Spread

















These are the meanings for each placement:

  1. What you think your greatest fear is.
  2. Your worst-case scenario based on this fear.
  3. A person who influenced you in developing this fear.
  4. A time in your life that contributed to your fear.
  5. What qualities you attribute to yourself based on your worst-case scenario.
  6. A person who embodies these rejected aspects of self.
  7. A situation or dynamic you’re avoiding because of this fear.
  8. What your greatest fear actually is (a.k.a. your core fear).
The final card (9) at the bottom of the deck is the action you need to take to walk through a version of your core fear.

How fear keeps you stuck

Unconscious fears are what actually drive the ship that is our life. While we tend to think we’re afraid of one thingrunning out of money, never getting our dream job,’s usually hiding a deeper fear. That deep fear comes with labels and self-judgment.

Because humans as a species are afraid of failure and rejection as a method of survival, we will unknowingly push away situations and opportunities that present a mere chance of those fears coming to fruition.

So, if you’re afraid of no one buying your programs because that would mean you’re a failure with no potential who will never amount to anything, you might avoid ever putting your offers out into the world.

If you’re afraid of telling a future employer you were fired before because you make that mean you’re lazy and stupid, you might subconsciously push away dream job opportunities so you never need to risk rejection for you having those qualities.

Of course, the irony is that we usually manifest that exact scenario when the fear is deeply rooted. Why? Because the universe wants to show us that even if we are those negative traits, we are still worthy.

The Soul’s desire for all

Let me share what I believe: We are not humans with a soul; we are souls in a human body.

Our souls got an incredible opportunity akin to winning the lottery when they incarnated and as such, they want to experience everything they can while here on earth.

Essentially, our souls are studying abroad and they want the chance to fully integrate themselves into the culture of humanity.

Imagine if an alien asked you what it was like to be human. Would you only talk about the positives? Would you leave out grief, failure, heartbreak, loneliness, anger, etc.?

Of course not. Because all of those experiences are integral to the human experience.

Finding integration

Fear and judgment often highlight the experiences and qualities our souls are wanting to experience.

It’s why you’ll encounter the same types of people who drive you nuts. It’s why we create self-fulfilling prophecies. We need to see that we are just as special and divinely chosen when we are at our absolute worst as when we are at our absolute best.

So, if you don’t confront your fear consciously, you will manifest it until your soul gets the chance to embody and integrate the qualities you’re desperately pushing away.

Why this spread works

Facing a fear is one of the most magnetic states you can experience!

Think about one of the times you faced a fear like standing up to a bully when you were a kid or looking over the side of the Empire State Building when you’re afraid of heights.

Yeah, you might feel like shitting your pants at first, but you also get a rush right after. That feeling of, “Holy cow! Did I really just DO that?” You walk away feeling like you can do anything.

This spread gets you to the core of what you fear the most and helps you uncover a safer yet still cringe-worthy activity to give your soul the experience it’s craving.

You get to live through the worst fear, to be the version of you you’re afraid to become, all so you can realize (a) it’s not that bad and (b) you’re still worthy of everything you want out of life.

I can’t WAIT to hear what you uncover! Tell me in the comments.

For further shadow work, listen to the audio version of Debbie Ford’s The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. I highly recommend buying it to revisit, but your local library might have it available via the Overdrive app.

If you would rather someone else do the heavy lifting in this spread, book a Greatest Fear Reading session with me (it’s so magical).

And if you’re looking to super-charge your business once Mercury goes direct, make sure you sign up for Unstuck: The Abundance Catalyst. It’s sure to be my juiciest program yet! Not sure if it’s for you? Book a discovery call here.

Happy Retrograde!

Jessie Da Silva

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